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Is Lime Juice Bad for Fertility?

Lime juice anti-fertilitiy potential

Stay away from the margaritas if you're trying to get pregnant (and it's not just because of the Tequila).

According to a recent study published in the European Journal of Scientific Research, drinking lime juice could prevent a pregnancy — at least in rats.

The Nigerian Tribune reports that in Central Nigeria, it is common for women to use a lemon juice or lime juice solution as a postcoital douche with the belief that it prevents pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV. In addition, drinking lime juice is also used by women in preventing conception.

Now scientists at the University of Lagos have extrapolated findings in rats to humans and suggest that limes do, indeed, have an anti-fertility properties.

The researchers set out to examine the changes of the ovaries and uterus of Sprague-Dawley rats. One group of rats received 1 ml of aqueous lime juice on proestrus day (coming into heat day) while Group 2 rats were administered distilled water (control).

Essentially, the researchers found that in rats, undiluted lime juice alters the rats estrous cycle (this is similar to the menstrual cycle in humans) and partially blocked contraception.

So, it might be a good idea to stay away from the lime juice when you're trying to conceive, and for those of you thinking margaritas might make a good contraceptive, I wouldn't bet on it just yet.


i researched this..i used lime juice to douche for a week due to bacterial vaginosis. it help with bv but them im having difficulty getting pregnant.i have an 7yr old and until i used limes i knew i could have have son wasnt my only pregnancy.. i used this at least 4 months ago.. i hope it didnt mk me sterile... i would really like to know...

I had sex wit my boyfrnd about a mnt ago nd av been takin lime water ever since,buh av been havin sum weird symptoms,is it possible dat I might b pregnant?

You should take a home pregnancy test or consult your doctor for a pregnancy test. All the best, Claire

Please am single,and for the past 1week i have been taking lime to reduce weight after reading thsi article am confused.pls should i stop taking lime so it wunt lead to infertility??please reply asap or youcan also send reply to my mailbox..@

Does the drinking of lime also reduces fertility in males?

I am 30, have a 11 yr old and a 2 yr old (both boys) I am swaying for a girl for the last 3 ovulation cycles I have been using aci-jel and lime douches that are a pH of 4 ( I use testing strips) I have never had an issue getting pregnant, I firmly believe that either the lime or aci-jel are preventing me from getting pregnant (tear) so this month im not using lime, possibly aci-jel alone or diluted raw apple cider vinegar, I have decided yet. Either way the pH must be a 4,no lower. I'll report my results, but no more lime

The only proven way to have a child of a certain sex is by using PGD with IVF. If you would like more information, please contact one of our Patient Care Advocates at 855-955-2229, or Best, Claire

im 23yr ;i was advice 2take lime juice and ginger root

Now i know Everything in this world have advantages and disadvantages. I thought that lime and lemon are the best source to cure all illment

It is true that lime is medicinal but one has to do away from it when trying to conceive

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