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The Advocacy Sessions

On the frontlines of fertility policy.

by Barbara Collura, May 4, 2009

What is an advocate? And what does it take to be an advocate in the infertility community?

We often hear about the efforts of “just one person” and how he or she made a difference. We often hear a call-to-action to volunteer, stand up for what we believe in, and make change happen. But let’s face it, we don’t all have it in us to be “the one.” Some of us would rather not rock the boat. I do believe, however, that many of us want to experience the benefits that change provides.

Ingredients for Advocacy

Reproductive Legal Update: May 2009

by Melissa Brisman, Esq., May 2009

So much has transpired in the world of reproductive law this month. Two court decisions came down dealing with a woman’s right to harvest the sperm of a deceased relative: one brought by a woman who lost her fiancé and the father of her two-year old child; the other by a mother who wanted to preserve a piece of her 21-year-old son. In other news, an Indiana court reversed an order of adoption granted in 2006 to a New Jersey resident over his adoptive twin sons. Finally, New Mexico has enacted, and Georgia is one step closer to enacting, new laws protecting of donors and recipients.

May 2009 Reproductive Rights Watch

Fertility and the Pill

pills on spoon.jpg
Fertility and the Pill

a blog by Marie Lee

I get a lot of questions on my blog about the birth control pill and its possible effects on fertility. On a general level, synthetic hormones make me leery. I persuaded my mother to stop her hormone replacement therapy (which her doctor just put her on because “it was time”) even before they found out all the extra estrogen was giving women breast cancer!

Ob-Gyns’ standard line about the pill is that it is totally safe and studies show that it has no effect on fertility. These studies, however, generally look at how long it takes a woman to get pregnant after coming off the pill. They don’t take into account if she miscarries, has a baby with a birth defect, etc.

Boom or Bust?

Boom or Bust?

a blog by Liz

I’m sure I’m not the only one cursing myself for not trying to breed earlier in my younger and (probably) more fertile days. At 32 (and 3/4), I am still considered young by doctors, acupuncturists and old-aged pensioners, but, after 2 1/2 years of not getting pregnant, I sure don’t feel it.

We had valid reasons for not trying to get pregnant when we were younger:

• We weren’t mature enough (still have doubts about that one);
• We wanted to establish ourselves in our careers;
• We needed to be in a place that had space for a child; and
• We wanted to have financial security.

Note that three out of four of those reasons for waiting are inextricably linked to cold, hard cash. Which is why trying to have a kid in these credit-crunched times might seem idiotic.*

Donor Egg Love

by Dena Fischer

When my husband and I were contemplating using an egg donor, one of the heart-wrenching fears that kept me up at night was that no one would ever say, “He looks just like you.” And if they did offer something like “She has your eyes,” I’d know it couldn’t be true and that innocent comment would rip off the scab that covers the wounds of infertility.

This, and many other questions such as, “Will my husband feel more connected to our baby than I will?; Will I bond with her?; Will my son one day shout, as an angry teen, ‘You’re not my real mother’?” kept me tossing and turning for months. But I swallowed my fears and together we forged ahead to build a family. Now, thanks to the miracles of science and the profound generosity of a gestational carrier and an egg donor, we have vibrant, eternally energetic twin boys.

Midnight Uncertainties

Learning to Live with Infertility

woman looking out window.jpg
Learning to Live with Infertility

I seem to be at a loss for words these days. My head is such a confused, jumbled mess that, were I earning frequent flyer miles on my emotions, I'd likely have two roundtrip tickets to Fiji by now.

I guess somewhere deep in the crevices of my delusional mind there still exists a happy place where Santa Claus is real, wishes made on stars really do come true, and sex (or even a magical fertility clinic’s lab) actually equals babies. It is in this place where I also harbored the unrealistic idea that by simply going to my magical clinic of choice for our final IVF I would find that ever elusive step to “closure” an easy one.

Surprise!! Foiled again by the folds of infertility.

The Sweet Smell of Success?

syringe hearts.jpg
The Sweet Smell of Success?

a blog by Liz

Back in the day, the cliché was that our men folk were ready for sex morning, night and frequently noon.

There is no doubt, however, that their ardour becomes somewhat diminished when sex becomes less about ripping one’s clothes off and more about body temperature, time of the month and cervical mucus. Let’s face it, the phrase, “Hurry up, I’m ovulating” has less of an arousing effect than, “Oh honey, we can’t, not here.

NIAW: Infertility isn't a Lifestyle Choice.

NIAW: Infertility's Not a Choice

It’s National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW) — a movement to raise awareness about infertility, a disease that impacts more than 7 million Americans. RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association has been hosting NIAW for 20 years. And yet, awareness is still lacking. And stigma still exists. And women still feel depressed and alone. And men still aren't talking about it. And friends and family still don’t get it.

Meet the Meyers: Moolah

Meet the Meyers: Moolah


Good. Something I’ve wanted to gripe about for a while: Money. The whole cost of this fertility fiasco is astronomical. I can’t believe what a blood test costs these days, not to mention some of the drugs involved. We are talking numbers that a single income family just can’t cover.

I’m the guy who has a high deductible health insurance plan because I never use it. I keep it around for catastrophes only. Oh yeah, I need it right now. I’d say this is a catastrophe.

The IVF Period

women and cookie.jpg
The IVF Period

a blog by Murgdan

My IVF cycle officially started with the arrival of my period. I must say, I haven’t been this excited to menstruate since my early twenties! I almost chuckle imagining the days when I actually feared pregnancy.


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