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The Shock Factor

IVF History

One of the worst feelings, in my humble opinion, is being totally caught off guard, blindsided, or shocked by bad news. I’m the type of gal who appreciates a little fair warning. Living on IF Island for over three years now, I’ve learned to let a lot of that go, because you really never know what to expect. But I kind of wish someone could have warned me a little bit about the shock factor that often happens when things don’t go according to plan.

Hurry, Ladies, Hurry.

Red Clock

Don't waste time if you want to have a baby. I should know. After my second miscarriage, we finally met with a fertility specialist (it took six weeks to get an appointment!!) and he wanted me to move to IVF right away since I was 41. Your fertility declines every 3-6 months,” the doctor warned me. But I didn’t listen – I

You’re Not Alone

IVF Journey

Last week I discussed issues that fertility clinics need to work on to improve services for patients. This week, I wanted to explore some things that patients (that’s right, the patient and her partner) need to know when beginning their fertility journey.

I’m More than a Number

IVF Patients are More than Numbers

Yes, we fertility patients would like more personal oversight from our clinics, as well as more attention paid to our schedules but before I move on (yes, I will be covering other items!) the last issue I’d like to discuss is how we patients can be treated as individuals.

New IVF Technology Available in North America

Genesis Fertility Centre, a Vancouver, B.C., fertility clinic, is the first clinic in Canada and North America to commercially offer a new patented technology for use with in vitro fertilization (IVF). The Early Embryo Viability TestTM (Eeva) uses proprietary software that provides information to help select the right embryos for implantation.

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Hey Doc, Where’s My Life?

IVF waiting

Sometimes when I’m sitting in the IVF clinic waiting room – okay, it’s a lot of time – I plot how they could be doing their job better. I’m not going to even bother talking about the waiting time: IVF is all about waiting, from the hours spent waiting for your first appointment to waiting till the two week wait for a pregnancy.

Hello, In-Vitro: Intro to This Blog


Amy Klein welcomes you to her new blog In Vitro, where she talks about medicine, health and people in general, in addition to what’s going on in the news of IVF around the world.

How to Interpret IVF Success Rates

IVF Success Rates

Dr. Timothy Hickman with Houston IVF has a few pointers on how to analyze IVF success rates from the CDC and SART.

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Define IVF Success

Eric Surrey M.D., a fertility doctor at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine defines a successful IVF cycle as having a healthy child. Twin pregnancies are not an ideal IVF outcome, increasing the potential risk of complications during a pregnancy.


Natural IVF Information

Dr. Frank Yelian, medical director of Life IVF(Irvine, CA) explains the procedure for natural IVF. It is an approach in which, only a single egg is retrieved, through natural selection. No fertility medication or is involved in natural IVF. The patient is monitored for hormone level and follicle size, and then a trigger shot is given prior to egg retrieval.

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