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Understanding IVF Success Helps Manage IVF Costs

Written in partnership with Univfy, December 9, 2013

IVF is expensive, with cycles ranging from $12,000 to $15,000 on average. And that doesn’t include the cost of fertility drugs, or add-ons, such as ICSI, PGD, and embryo storage.

The good news is there are ways to save on IVF: shopping around, buying a multi-cycle discount package, participating in a refund guarantee program, or doing low stim or mini IVF, which comes with a lower price tag. Another way to save on IVF costs is by understanding your chance of IVF success: what chance your cycle will result in the birth of a baby.

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Almost Pregnant? Utilizing Technology to Improve the True In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Pregnancy Rate in Chicago

a blog by Reproductive Medicine Institute- Chicago, November 27, 2013

A recent article by Stranger JD & Yovich JL raises a very important issue that might assist patients in deciding if in vitro fertilization (IVF) is for them. The issue raised by the article is how to report pregnancy rates for an IVF cycle. Should the rate be calculated based upon just the fresh transfer of embryos or should it be the pregnancy rate based upon the total number of eggs retrieved from a cycle of IVF? (Reprod Biomed Online (2013) 27:286).

Avoid the After Effect of IVF

Source: FLO Living LLC
FLO Living LLC located in New York City. Alisa Vitti, Author of WomanCode and founder of Flo Living, discusses avoiding the after effects of IVF.

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How Many Embryos Should You Transfer?


Whether or not you have had problems with fertility, most likely if you have even a vague concept of what IVF is, when you hear the phrase something in the word-association-game portion of your mind shouts 'twins!' 'triplets!' or 'octomom!'.

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Cincinnati Fertility Clinic Spreads Holiday Cheer with Free IVF Cycle

a blog by Kim Griffiths, November 5, 2013

The winter holidays are fast approaching and anyone who has struggled with infertility knows how difficult it can be to gather for child-centric holiday events with empty arms. Sadly, the holidays serve as a marker of time gone by without getting pregnant or bringing home a baby.

The Bethesda Fertility Center recognizes how difficult the holidays can be for those dealing with infertility and hopes to lessen the burden of infertility by offering a free IVF cycle to one lucky couple.
For the third consecutive year, Dr. Glen Hofmann and his staff are pleased to offer new and existing patients the opportunity to be entered into this IVF Lottery. Anyone seen for a consultation appointment between November 1, 2013 and December 23, 2013 will qualify for the free cycle. The drawing will take place on Christmas Eve, and the winner will be notified by Dr. Hofmann personally.

Believe it or Not: Medical Myths Put to (Bed)Rest

a blog by Reproductive Medicine Institute- Chicago, October 25, 2013

Many practices that surround Modern Medicine, and more specifically, the means of achieving a pregnancy, have evolved without scientific scrutiny. This is particularly true when the stakes become higher, as they do for individuals and couples undergoing Invitro Fertilization (IVF). Often times, individuals in the process of IVF may place undue emphasis on factors that have no effect upon their chances of conceiving, in an effort to exert a sense of control on an outcome that has eluded them. If they do not conceive, they resort to these erroneous conclusions as a cause, ultimately creating undue stress, and personal blame, for what is already a stressful situation.

Low Cost No Stim IVF/M


In a standard IVF cycle, a woman’s ovaries are stimulated with fertility drugs to produce multiple follicles. Mature eggs are retrieved, fertilized in the lab and a resulting embryo or embryos are transferred back to the uterus. Not only are there IVF protocols using different fertility drugs and additional procedures (PGS, ICSI) there are variations on standard IVF, including IVM, in vitro maturation.

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Not In Our Country: Same Sex Surrogacy Issues in Israel

In Israel, a lesbian couple that has been together for 10 years wants to have a child through reciprocal in vitro fertilization (IVF). That means Liat Moshe wants to have her eggs retrieved, fertilized and then transferred to her partner, Dana Glisko, who will carry the child. Seems easy, right? It is, if you are not Israeli, lesbian and in the Israeli Defense Forces.

IVF Research Study

The Center of Reproductive Medicine (CORM), in Webster, TX, is one of a number of fertility clinics across the country currently recruiting patients who have had repeated IVF failures despite having good-quality embryos for the THRIVE-IVF study. According to Vicki L. Schnell, M.D., FACOG, Founder & Medical Director of CORM, the study is evaluating a medicine, NT100, to determine whether it will improve the outcome of IVF.


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