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Endometriosis can be a painful, chronic disease that results when the tissue that is normally inside the uterus (endometrial tissue) grows outside of the uterine cavity. Although it is estimated to affect from 5 million to more than 6 million women in the United States, the exact number is unknown, since many women with the condition have no symptoms. The incidence of endometriosis is approximately 48 percent in infertile women and 5 percent in fertile women.

Since the development and extent of the disease depends on the female hormone estrogen, endometriosis usually affects women in their reproductive years and is rarely found in postmenopausal women. It can affect any woman of reproductive age, regardless of race, ethnicity, or pregnancy and childbearing history

What Is Endometriosis?

Your ovaries release the hormones estrogen and progesterone every month, that make the endometrium grow thicker and ready for an egg. If you get pregnant, the fertilized egg attaches to the endometrium and starts to grow. If you do not get pregnant, the hormone levels drop and the endometrium breaks down. Your body sheds the tissue through the vagina as blood during your menstrual period.

If you have endometriosis, the endometrial tissue also grows outside the uterus in other parts of the body. The most common locations are in the lower abdomen or pelvis (the ovaries, fallopian tubes, the ligaments that support the uterus, the outer surface of the uterus, on the outside of the intestines, and on the lining of the pelvic cavity). Health care providers may call areas of endometriosis by different names, such as implants, lesions or nodules. Endometrial tissue growing within the uterine muscular walls is called adenomyosis. The growths of endometrial tissue outside the normal location are usually not malignant or cancerous.

The problem with these growths is that the misplaced tissues also behave like normal endometrial tissue. They build up each month, break down, and cause bleeding. But unlike the lining of the uterus, the blood from these growths has no way of leaving the body. This internal bleeding inflames the surrounding areas and forms scar tissue which may make it hard to get pregnant.

How Endometriosis Affects Fertility

Most women with endometriosis are still able to conceive, especially those with a mild to moderate form of the disease. Infertility is more common in women with severe forms of the disease. The reasons for a decrease in fertility are not completely understood. It may be due to scar tissue within the pelvis that may distort normal structures, such as the fallopian tubes, which transport the eggs from the ovaries. Or, too much estrogen may have a negative effect on ovulation, fertilization of the egg, and/or implantation of the embryo.



I have been diagnosied with endometriosis. I am wondering if anyone else cramps all the time. Not just when your on your period. I hurt all the time.
They have tryed several different things on me. Like the deppo shot, 3 different birth control pills, estrogen, and they have all have side effects like causes sists, and making me bleed more . Am i the only one like this or is there others. If so i would love to talk to you.

I have been on about a hundred different birth controls since I was 11 years old. Including the depo shot (which had very bad side effects for me) I hurt all the time! I bleed like crazy when cyst rutures. There are many people who experience the same thing. I am about to have my second surgery to remove cyst and possibly an ovary. Im 20 years old and dont want to have a complete histerectomy. Please contact me at If you would like to talk.

I used to be in pain every day with it. Sometimes the only thing that made me feel better was laying on the side that hurt. I ended up having the lapascopic ( spelling???) surgary......after that my everyday symptoms went away. I still get pain with my period, but not as bad as it once was. I am now off birth control only because I am trying to have a baby.....I was scared that it would start all over again, but so far not as bad as it once was. I guess i say, go get it out.

I was the same way, I've had 3 surgeries to have it lasered off. I have 2 children 15 & 16, after I had my second child I found out that I had Endometriosis. Since then I had 1 miscarriage and 1 ectopic pregnancy where I had to have a tube removed. I was on depo, 5 different pills, I was on Lupron and had to take estrogen pills. Finally I went on continuous birth control, where I would only get a period 4 times a year. Now, I am 34 I've been off of the pill for 8 months, because I'm trying to get pregnant...and it doesn't seem to be working. I am going next month to a fertility specailist, to see what the problem is and if they can help me. I really do not want to get pregnant after 35 because of the risks, but if that's how it happens, I'll just have to pray that everything turns out ok.

hey i have had problems like that for years i am just going in monday the 11th of jan to have everything removed they say i should feel better after words. If you want to talk email me at or 419-217-5811. can text anytime.

I also wanted to invite everyone to join our Endometriosis support group here on the site. It's a great way to connect with other women who know what you're going through!

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Hi Pebbles1031,
I just wanted to relieve you of all your worries and stress regarding the hysterectomy. I suffered from severve cramping, bleeding, and pain for 10 yrs. until my dr. discovered I had thickening of the uterus 2 yrs. ago. I had an endometrial ablation and lesions removed from severe endometriosis.

Six months later the severe pain came back and it came back with full force. I knew that the endometriosis had returned. My doctor then advised me to have a hysterectomy. I was terrified! I had to have my uterus, fallopian tubes, and even my cerivix removed.

After having the hysterectomy, I've never felt better!! and the recovery is remarkable! No more pain or extreme heavy bleeding! I even lost weight! and if I had to do it all over again I would!.

So put your worries away. and speedy recovery to you.

So when did your menopause start? I have had MANY friends who their doctors pushed them to have hysterectomy by telling them it was the only permanent way. They were all in their 20s. Most of them gained weight and went into menopause. That is why I will NOT have a hysterectomy. I want to prolong menopause until it is supposed to happen.

I too have been diagnosed with endometriosis. I have been on birth control since the tenth grade due to ovarian cysts. I have had 2 surgical procedures for the endometriosis and also had tried the Lupron Depot shot for 1 year but could not continue it any further because the concern of bone density loss was too great. I feel your pain, literally. It doesn't matter what time of the month it is but I cramp before and AFTER my period. Sometimes, the pain is so severe that I cannot continue on with my daily activities. It literally feels like I am being stabbed in the ovaries. So to answer your question, you are not the only one that feels this way. Unfortunately, I think it is more common that we think. Take care.

I saw your comment about cramping all the time, and i'm finding that to be very true myself. I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis and i wasn't sure wha to expect.. no one said much about constant pain and cramping even without menses. I also wanted to ask you, because my 3 aunts won't speak about this to me and no one told me it is heriditary, do you experience severe leg, pelvic and back pain? I have been experiencing this for the last 3 days, and its hard to take care of my 7 year old, 2 year old and 9 month old. And if you have experienced this, how did you deal? And how do you deal with the constant pain??

Hey when i was first dignost with an endometreosios i had leg cramps so bad i didnt want to move all i wanted to do was cry.

I definitely have the lower back pain, horrible cramps and leg pain and it gets worse when I'm ovulating. You may have a leaking cyst, one that's not full of clear fluid but full of blood; that's what I had the last couple of times that I had the leg pain. I take birth control and naproxen (aleve) to help with my symptoms because that's the only way that I won't be in as much pain. Also, if you have not experienced it yet, it is painful during arousal and sex at times. Since you've had kids, you know how it feels when your baby drops during labor....that's the type of pain/pressure that I get when I'm aroused sometimes and my lower belly is very sensitive especially during intercourse. Have you had a diagnostic laparoscopy done yet?

My left leg is so weak I can't balance on it and lower back and pelvic, they said it had spread to. Nerve ending on my spine and bowls i can nearly digest food or stand for long let alone walk, it's so strange to h ear so many women complain about the same things yet they still don't know enough about it?!:( i6 months I'm still recovering from my first laser surgery and all the surgeon says is it will heal in. Time. The Physio can't even work out why my leg hurts at one point they said it was in my mind and it took me 9 years to get diagnosed. You should have a laparoscopy and have that checked as it may have spread out of your womb like mine did. All the best x

Hi I was diagnosed about 10 years ago but 3 years ago started having leg pain back pain it was something I had to deal with everyday something that helped a lot was acupuncture that really helps right now im going to the chiropractor for adjustments its helping alot I dont wakeup to that pain anymore were trying to get ppregnant but its not working but thank god I have 3 children allready so hopefully we get r 4th one soon good luck hope this works.

I have the same problem that you do. I am also in pain all of the time. I found that a heat pad helps with the pain I also have to take hormones every day and I hate it.

I as well have been diagnosied with endometriosis in October of 2009. I am 26 years old,married and desperately want to have children. I have been trying for many years and no luck.I started my menstrual cycle when I was about 10 years of age. My mother never spoke to me about a menstrual cycle when I was at that age,so when I first started I was frightened and on top of that I had such horrible cramping,but only on my menstrual cycle at that time.My mother and I at 10 yrs. old put me on birth control to regulate my cycle to help me.Years later I had to stop taking birth control pills because of the side affects that it caused with the high amounts of estrogen, my body couldn't take it and I started becoming very ill.My cramping started to become worse by 2006 my pain was incredibley painful to the point that even walking down or up stairs, it ended with me falling down them and harming myself more.My husband would always take me to the ER because of the pain and the doctors thought I was crazy( NO REALLY CRAZY) the doctors put me on all kinds of meds. prozac doctor even separated my husband and I because I had bruses from collapsing the doctor thought he hit me.What a crazy fool.Finaly in 2009, I meet a wonderful doctor that wanted to review my case.At this time I was starting to have pain regardless if I was on my menstrual cycle or not.(screaming,agony pain)In October 2009 I had an Laparoscopy and found out that I had Endometriosis. The doctor prescribed Lupron Depot injection every 3 months for 6 months.This injection helps women suffering from Endometriosis and stops the menstrual cycle for 6 months. I had my first injection and had no problem and then 3 months later I had problems with my ins. comp. and had to wait about 3 1/2 wks. to recive the 2nd injection. I was having alot of pain in just a short time,brake through bleeding,cramping ect... Now I'm frightened that I may be in pain once again after I am done reciving this Lupron Depot injection.( I know how you feel.I wanted to share my story with you readers to let you know that you are not alone and my heart goes out to every women whom suffers from this chronic disease. That goes though pain and the tears,whom wants to have a child and can not. I stand right next to you. )Thank you for reading!

I have read your story.....I suffer from mild endometriosis. I once tried depo for 1yr and i never saw my mens at all for that year. The following year when my period did decide to show up, and that was about 5 months after i stopped the depo, I bleed heavily for 7 weeks straight and the bleeding only stopped after my fiancee' took me to a private hospital where i was prescribed a very strong medication. I personally think that the DEPO IS A REALLY BAD IDEA FOR PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM ENDOMETRIOSIS....Full stop. I have suffered from bad cramps since i was a teenager ( the cramps feels like someone ripping my uterus apart). My periods had always been irregular sometimes seeing it 3 or 4 times a year. Now I am 32 and we had been trying for a baby for the past 5yrs but to no avail. I suffered 1 miscarriage in the past. My periods are more regular now, meaning once every month but not a 28day cycle, and i don't have pain. The only thing is i can't understand why i am not getting pregnant.... I am so fedup of trying for a baby now i think that i have gone of sex and my hubby thinks that i have gone off him...which i have not... I am just so frustrated.....Any suggestions...anyone pls....

I as well have been diagnosied with endometriosis about 3 months ago. I had the surgery march 11 and went to my follow-up yesterday and my doc gave me to opitions get prego:) or take these shots that make you go through menpause:(. I may 20 years old but I only have a mild stage of it.. thank god. I have a boyfriend of 5 years and we plan on getting married but we are waiting till we graduate. He and I are so confused with this whole deal.. some ppl say you have a certain time like 2 years before the endometriosis pain and all that comes with it comes back. My doctor said that it different for some ppl.? I would love to have a baby even though im not money ready... my boyfriend understands what going on but he thinks we should wait it out to see what happens.. i guess because not idealistic time to get prego for us. but i want to! I dnt think he understand this maybe my only time I can conceive? idk. im mad at the situation. Also Im the only woman in my family to have it even though it heradity. I m the luck one to get it out of 10000 million ppl without it being in my family??? dont understand that one. My question is did u wait because of the money and the spot u was in or did it just happen that way. All the ppl I have talk to about it said not to wait and have one asap.

I am 33 years old and have been dealing with Endo since I was 15 years old. I have had 7 surgeries including a partial hysterectomy at age 28. I still have my ovaries and are now back in pain again. I am going in for my 8th surgery very soon. With each surgery I do at least get 1-5 years of relief. I know how frustrating it is and don't even mention the pain! Surgery at least gives you some relief for a while. If I were you, I would give it a try. Please contact me if you need to someone to talk to.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis 3 years ago. My life has never been the same since. I have been on three different types of birth control pill, the depo-provera shot, and depo-lupron shot. I have had 6 laproscopys in 2 years and 8 months. I am in constant pain all the time. i have found some herbal supplements help at times. I am now seeing my 4th ob-gyn to get help. I am sooo tired of doctors telling me I am crazy. They keep telling me I should not be in pain AT ALL. And then you get a drug seeker. No one seems to understand all the pain we go through. I just wish I could get help from someone who knows what I go through everyday. My body is just tired of the pain and emotional rollercoaster that comes from all this...It's sooo good to hear other women tell their stories.


I am 26 and was diagnosed at 16. I have had birth control to the point that it caused blood clots and I cannot take it anymore. I had the Lupron shot which was horrendous. I have constant debilitating pain, many times which lands me in the hospital. Unfortunately nothing has worked for me except pain management.

My daughter was diagnosed almost 2 months ago during laproscopic surgery where they found over 100 implants. She had the 3 month Lupron injection 3 weeks ago & dr. thinks she shouldn't be in pain anymore. She has never liked to take medication but is constantly in severe pain. I guess they're maybe starting to think she just wants meds but now she has started bleeding. She has been on Depo Provera for 3 yrs for horrible periods & now after 3 wks on Lupron bleeding when the shot is suppose stop bleeding and she wasn't bleeding to begin with!!!!
Has anyone had this problem? What did dr say about this problem if anyone has had it. I'd just like for us to get to talk to OUR dr instead of one of the other 4-5 in the practice! Your dr is the only one that knows you & the others clearly don't take the time to actually read your chart!!!!
HELP!!!!! I want my 19 yr old daughter to start having a normal life again so college will become less than a nightmare for her.
I forgot to mention all of this has taken place after an emergency appendectomy. It's amazing she wasn't in pain before this but this is when it started & never got better after this surgery & not any better yet 3 1/2 weeks into the 3 month Lupron injection.

Thanks for any advice you may have!

I know it has been a few years but I was hoping you could tell me what the doctors figured out with your daughter. I am 28 years old with two children and I am terribly frustrated with doctors. I had an ectopic pregnancy 6 months ago that ruptured and caused extreme internal bleeding...I had emergency surgery as well!!! Two months after surgery I began to bleed heavily in between periods and doc said it was my hormones out of whack and should return to normal in no more than 6 months. The past 3 months have been a nightmare. When I eat my stomache swells, I have lost weight but my abdomen has grown 4 times it's normal size, i have cluster migranes, sometimes i'm so weak I don't want to move, drops in blood pressure, severe constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, ovarian cyst that a ct scan shows to be "small", all kinds of crazy digestive issues, and depression from the docs telling me it's constipation and it's normal. I do not know what is going on but sometimes I feel like I am gonna die from this. It feels like it is spreading up my abdomen and no doctor will listen to me. I beg them to feel the lumps in my abdomen near my sigmoid colon that are spreading and they say it could be swollen lymph nodes from me rubbing my stomache. My family and I have started to have problems because they think I am just seeking medication when in fact I never get medication from the ER because they say it's constipation or DUB. I just want it to stop! Any advice would help!

hi I have heaps of pain daily and have endometriosis, would love to chat and will tell you what i am on, maybe able to help you

hi ,
i am a twenty two year old female. i was diagnosised with endometrosis when i was sixteen. today i had laproscopmy for the second time where the doctor had to burn the endometroisis off. i have been on the depo shot for nine years and it does not control my pain and has not stopped the disease from growing back. my doctor unfortunatley unable to remove all of the endometrosis and wants to put me on lupron+depo to help control the pain. i have also experienced the cramps without my menstrual cycle and sharp shotting pains sometime making it unbearable to stand,walk and or sit.

im not sure what i have but the doc. say they think i have Endomeetriosis. i have been hurting every month when my cycle come and they want me to try the depo -shot. it get to the point i have a hard time walking, siting. the best thing that has help is medicine that will make me sleep. should i try the depo-shot or find another source that will help me. i have read many of your post and alot of you say the shots not effective at all. if any one has any advice please let me know. i can no longer bear the pain anymore. email me at

HI. I also have moderate endometriosis and cystic ovaries. It took years for a diagnosis. I had surgery to remove a cyst. Prior to the surgery, I had pain in my lower abdominal region for many months and it even hurt to when my foot hit the ground when stepping to walk. I kept going for sonograms because it was all thought to be attributed to the cyst. It turns out that during the surgery they realized i also had appendicitis and ended up removing my appendix along with the cyst. So please keep in mind that your discomfort may be due to something other them endometriosis. I also would love to add that going to a nutritionist who deals with womens issues is a great idea because alot of nutritional supplements and diet can really decrease the cramping, bloating, etc. associated with endometriosis. This is a much healthier approach than the medications and hormones without any long term side effects. Good luck and hope you find out whats causing you all that pain. Not knowing is scary and frustrating!! P.S. Try out different doctors also but please try a nutritional approach because there is a relation between diet and the symptoms. I promise you it will be worth it!!

that's right that diet really helps to deal with endo.8 years ago i was diagnosed having a cyst.what I did that time was i eliminated chicken and eggs from my diet totally,pork only sometimes.i also consumed raw bitter gourd once a week and raw carrots. after months the result of my ultrasound was negative of cyst. but now because Im back of consuming chicken and poultry products I'm having it again and the told me that it might be an endo. my advice is we watch out with our diet and make it a habbitbto exercise atleast 3 x a week or even just 15 mins every day.

i was diagnosed with endometriosis at 17. I had the surgery the same year and my doctor told me it was the worst case they had ever seen in a 17 year old. i too hurt all the time and cant take any form of birth control cause it doesnt help. i have crazy heavy periods for 8-9 days sometimes longer and it hurts really really bad. my doctor couldnt really do anything about it except stick me on pain meds which dont always take all the pain away. Though the surgery did help for a little while.

I had surgery last year and did the deppo shot. I didnt have any problems until i had a cyst on my right ovary the size of my fist. My Dr. went in to take my ovary and found endometriosis all over!!!!!! I now have pain all the time. I and 32 years old and I have been trying to have a baby for 4 years and nothing!!!!!!! I have been looking for different options to take. Any info would be great.

Hi! I been suffering with the same for many years now, but I tried a new medication called LUPRON it is a shot that you get once a month; that was the only thing that helped me to stop the endometruim tissues to keep growing and with the everyday pain. I am 32 years old and now I am trying to get pregnant, hopefully I do. Good luck to you all :)

you are no the only one. I was told that i had endo after i had my daughter but i suspected it for years. they removed what they could see but i still hurt ALL the time. I have been told everything from its all in your head.. to you know it could turn into cancer one da. my question to you is what did the dr. tell you i begged for a hysterectomy but the dr.s said that i was too young i am almost 30 i dont want anymore children i have 1 thats enough for me i am looking for a good dr. in north louisiana so if you know any or just want to talk i too could use some good advice because i just cant get any relief and i have tried everything from continuous birth control to the depot lupron nothing helped i have had to take super strong pain meds but i just want the pain to go away thanks and good luck

im 16 and ive had endometriosis since i was 12. i was always missing school cause i couldnt get up in the morning from all the pain. and wow the bleeding O_o..... i finally got a laparoscopy and it helped a lot... but my periods are still horrible. i got the implanon a couple days ago and so far ive been fine. everything else we've triedhasn't worked a bit... i think your body just needs to find what horomones you should be on.... when i was on depo, my obgyn prescribed estrogen and that stopped the excessive bleeding. the only thing that helps the pain is something like vicodin. or something stronger... and what helps me when i get a sudden cramp is to stop and squat on the ground. and for me, walking around doesnt help. and if you get surgery, make sure you dont go camping the day after you get it =P bad idea =P

my name is nicole and your not alone i have pain so severe i cant even keep a job or enjoy life like i once did and my child suffers because of it.the pain and pressure along with cramps and swelling are constant let me tell you about the swelling i cant go anywhere without people asking when my baby is due i often look like im atleast 3 to 4 months along its not fun at all......dr.s say i have endometriosis and adenomyosis really sucks,

since i had been diagnosed with endometriosis i have been on birth control but it never helped with my pain it only maid me gain weight and get headaches. so i went and got my ovaries cleaned but whats the point, my doctor told me they had returned and now im in alot of pain again.if anyone knows of a clinic or help center please let me know at thank you.

I also hurt all the time. I don't even get my periods anymore because of the merina and injection, but some days I wake up and even my arms and legs hurt. It feels like a train hit me. I have lower back ache every day. Some days just worse than others. I can't do exercise anymore because of my back ache. It even get sore when I stand too long or walk a bit far. It feels like I have been punched in my lower back.

Hey you are not the only one I have endo stage 3 i have had surgery and the chemicaly induced meno pause before all of that i got reallly sick with cramps every day. Its horrible its like im on my period all the time. nobody understands my couzins have endo but they are at stage 1 and 2 so they kind of understand but not completely. Recently i started getting really sick again. The surgery and the shot only lasted a couple of years. I really don't want to go through that again. im only 29.

I have cramping pretty much all day everyday . The other day it felt like the contractions I had when they started inducing my labor before the real contractions. I am uncomfortble all the time sometimes mild sometime worse pain, lower back, pelvis and ovaries. My obgyn tried alot of different things and have been like this since my first period after my baby was born. The first 3 periods were awful and I had a csection april 2012. I finally said in October can you check for adhesions and they did and found them and discovered endo. But now do not think my pain is related to it so my pcp does and off to a specialist I go. Good luck to you.

Hi, I was diagnosed with it back in 2004, & yes it is painful. I barely could get out of bed for anything. My doctor did an ablation( removal of the lining of the uterus). I took a shot called Lupron for six months. Afterwards, I did not hurt at all. Now to this day, I don't have any pain

Hi I have been complaining for 9 years about my cramps and abdominal pain. In oct last year I was diagnosing with endometriosis and had later surgery. 1 month before my surgery I could barley walk or lift anything the cramps were that strong, the after my surgery which was supposed to have me back to normal, 5 months later I'm still off work at home in sever pain. I personally think I was inadiquitly treated as I know others who were back to life within weeks and were able to have kids... They say it occurs d using your period so the only way to get rid of it per entangle is to have a hysterectomy ?, have you had yours layered off ? Nothing helps the pain go away c omelet,y by the way . I was on morphine and coding in bed for 2 months in a daze all day which then lead to back problems and stomach ulcers ! I'm slowly recovering and getting stronger , and hope the cramps will go away for good one day, but if you had your laparoscopy you should have been treated at the same time?, just make sure you get good after care advise if you ever do so you don't loose 6 months of you life like I did:( good luck!

I had surgery last june n everything is back to normal. if u would like to talk reply back ...even though its been years since your question.

I also have cramping all the time. I never feel there is a time when I am not in pain.

I have too

I have the same situation like you guys... and the worst thing is my own doctor giving up my case He told me that he can do nothing to cure my pain and sound disperate that he can't help me no more.. and he told me look for another doctor that can help me. Trying different kind of birth control and now on Lupron Depot. But pain never go away, You can do nothing at all! pls. all the doctor out there do something...

my doctor done the same thing to me he basically told me that he thought i just wanted pain meds and he couldn't do anything else for me. He done me the wonderful favor of sending me to pain management for it and all that done was get me hooked on pain meds then the pain dr skipped town with my records and now i cant get any help at all so if anyone has any ideas i could use some help contact me at just put endo in the subject someone PLEASE HELP me out

I have serious pain right before and during my period. The pain is so sever that i am laid up for 2 days and all i can do is cry. I have found one thing that helps the pain and that is a heating pad. That seems to help with the pain for me. I hope that most of you can find relief from the pain you suffer with.

I am 36 years old and have been diagnosed with endometriosis and it sucks. Back in April, I finally had the laprascopy done and now when I have my menstrual cycles, it's not near as bad. I remember the cramps would be so severe that I couldn't walk and I'd end up in the emergency room. It also caused me not to have children, something that I always wanted. Here recently I found out my sister is having another baby and i had to take a moment and cry and ask myself why did this happen to me? You all are right, nobody understands and sometimes I feel so alone. Please feel free to contact me if you need to talk.

My doctor feels I have the endometrosis; as I have had painful cycles the last several years. I have also suffered from extreme pain in my upper abdomen; which coinsides with low back pain as well. It is so unbearable sometimes that I feel like there is a baseball trying to rupture through my skin. I have had every test imaginable done and they all say the same in the end. It's not a cyst, or any other growth that shows up in any tests, its not a hernia either. They say it could be scar tissue but if it is they don't want to do anything with it because it will build back up twice as bad. I did have my gall bladder out; but the discomfort is between the small incision points. Everything I read about endometrosis talks about pelvic and low ab pain; anyone have upper discomfort?

I encourage you to see a specialist who can give you a definitive diagnosis and a treatment plan. Good luck!!
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i can relate i although have been diagnosed with endometriosis and i also this past march had my gallbladder removed let me just say that itreally sucked bad but still have pain in the upper right side in the rib cage area and between the insision areas the drs. have explained to me its possible cause is something called distended commen bile duct and theres nothing that basically can be done so i really understand kind of what your going through if you want to talk or have any questions feel free to email me....


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