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Amy Klein has charted her weekly fertility journey at The New York Times "Motherlode" blog. She will be writing here about IVF and other fertility issues.


a blog by Amy Klein, March 11, 2014

I kept all my fertility struggles a secret for a while. Now in retrospect, I wish I hadn't -- but I had my reasons.

First, because it all started a week after my wedding, when I discovered I was pregnant. I had to find a doctor – and fast! But I didn’t want to tell anyone yet, because it was still early. Where I come from, you don’t tell people until you’re three months in—superstition of casting the evil eye.

a blog by Amy Klein, March 5, 2014

Canada’s different provinces are debating whether to fund IVF – quelle différence from the American Healthcare system. As people in the U.S. scramble to find an insurance plan that covers even the basic necessities – the middle class being particularly hit by high prices – other counties are improving their already comprehensive coverage to consider including IVF.

a blog by Amy Klein, March 2, 2014

When you first find out you might have fertility problems, the furthest thing from your mind is money. Disappointment is probably your first feeling, followed by confusion, anger, denial—the usual stages of grief—before you’re ready to take action.

a blog by Amy Klein, February 24, 2014

Sometimes it feels like there is too much information out there about fertility. Actually, about everything. As someone new to the fertility game, how do you decide where to begin?

Red Clock

a blog by Amy Klein, February 19, 2014

As I mentioned earlier this week, our fertility journeys are often the same. And the sad truth about it is, like with so many things, it takes a long time to learn the ropes – but by the time you do, it’s often too late.



Would like to know if there's a site that have couples that want to donate extra embryos private or open looking to adopt from a couple rather than a program or office

Some fertility clinics offer embryo donation, and there are a couple of non-profit agencies that do facilitate embryo adoption: National Embryo Donation Center and Snowflakes. Best, Claire


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