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Fallopian Tubes

The female reproductive system includes two fallopian tubes, one on each side of the uterus. These flexible, trumpet-shaped tubes extend to the surface of each ovary. When the ovary releases an egg, finger-like projections at the flared end of the tube catch the egg. It is there, in the tube, that conception occurs if the egg meets sperm and becomes fertilized. Tiny hairs inside the tube’s lining push the resulting embryo (fertilized egg) out of the tube and into the uterus where it implants and grows.

Tubal-related infertility may result when one or both tubes are blocked, or scarring or damage to the tubes occurs.

What Causes Problems with Fallopian Tubes?

Blocked fallopian tubes may be caused by an infection from a sexually transmitted disease such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which causes scar tissue to build up on the walls of the tubes. Endometriosis also may result in scar tissue and adhesions which can block the fallopian tubes.

In an ectopic pregnancy (also known as a tubal pregnancy) the embryo grows in the fallopian tube instead of in the uterus. Surgery for an ectopic pregnancy can cause the fallopian tube to rupture and lead to infertility. An ectopic pregnancy can also be a life-threatening situation.

In other instances the fallopian tubes are blocked because the structure of the tubes is abnormal. Structural disorders are usually due to birth defects.

Tubal Factor Infertility

Adhesions may distort the normal structure of the fallopian tubes and make pregnancy difficult. Blocked, damaged, or scarred fallopian tubes can prevent the tubes from functioning properly. When scar tissue blocks the tubes, fertilization cannot occur since the egg can’t get through the blockage to the sperm. The blockage can also trap a fertilized egg near the ovary preventing it from traveling through the fallopian tubes to the uterus.

About 20 percent to 25 percent of infertility cases are due to problems with the fallopian tubes. Depending on the extent and location of the blockage, some fallopian tube problems can be corrected with surgery.



What if you had an abortion 11 years ago and are now trying to get pregnant. When I had an aboriton, I had tissue left over inside and had to get a second procedure to get the tissue removed. I was wondering if this could lead to complications getting pregnant?

I just had the most informative Dr.'s visit of my life...I grew up in a very small Louisiana town and during my 20's contracted a very bad STD. I'm not really sure if my mother even understood what the Dr. told her that day and certainly know that I didn't...Anyway years later I'm facing 40 and have never even been close to pregnant...The Dr. today informed me that I have classic symptoms of "endomitriosis" and showed me the scar tissue as well as a "dialated fallopian tube"
I wonder if that's the reason and if it's correctable...? I mean... I know my chances are "slim to none"...But could there still be some hope?

Hi LV --
Endometriosis is not related to having had an STD. It can certainly be a cause of infertility and it might be correctable. I encourage you to seek out the help of a fertility specialist! They will be able to tell you what your options are.


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my friend has the same condition and has two beautiful kids she concieved the "natural" way

I am 25 and whn I was 15 I had chlamydia And it put me where you are now in about 3 weeks from now I will be having that tube removed I don't know if I'm making the right decision I was wondering have you had any kids yet iv never gotten pregnant either and iv been married for 4 years im just looking for answers

I am 26 years old and have had an ectopic pregnancy in August of 2006 and another in March 2008. I have pelvic exams done every six months and no doctor has told me about any infection or a abnormal tube. Is there any other reason one could have an ectopic pregnancy? I hope I am able to have children!

Hi Alexis, I'm sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancies. It's impossible to diagnose tubal issues in a typical pelvic exam. I would encourage you to see a fertility specialist for a thorough exam including a hysterosalpingogram (HSG):

This can help you figure things out.
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I had a ectopic pregnancy in August 1982. I was 26 years old. I also had a miscarriage in 1980. I had a daughter in June 1983. Just have faith and your father will honor your wish. Good Luck!!! and God bless you with a child. In his name. A blessing is coming your way soon.

I have a question, I got my tubes tide/burn ten years ago. I'm now 41 and my husband and I would like to have a baby. What is the best and least expensive route to go? And I have been researching IUI, is that a good method for me? I'm looking for a doctor in the Dallas Texas area; and I don't have alot of funds any suggestions? HELP PLEASE!

i am 41 and married for the second time. i had my tubes burned 14 yrs ago and we are wanting to have a baby. what dr did you end up seeing? can you help me with any advice or dr number? I live near weatherford, TX

Did you find the doctor? I recently moved to Irving, TX. I had 2 ectopic pregnancies and one mis carriage on 21st week. Right tube treated with laproscopy surgery. Right tube still there. Last week I had HSG and they said Right tube blocked. Don't know what to do. Looking for High Risk Pregnancy doctors who can understand all these. Help please...

Please use our directory to find a doctor near you and then schedule an initial appointment. They'll be able to tell you what your best options are (likely IVF).
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i have a question i was try to get pregnant since 10 years nothing happens now my doctor told me that i have adennomyosis i like to no if i can do a ivf wit the disease

I'm very sorry to hear you've been trying to get pregnant for 10 years with no success. A diagnosis of adenomyosis does not mean you can't get pregnant and deliver a baby. However, you should see a fertility specialist, also known as a reproductive endocrinologist ,who can help you determine why you haven't gotten pregnant and prescribe fertility treatment if necessary. Please use our Find a Doctor feature to find a fertility specialist near you.
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I want to ask if you do the fallopian ring removal?? I have been inquiring about this for the longest and if not do you know anyone that does and what kind of insurance do they accept...

I have had two ectopic pregnancies. One in each fallopian tube. I've had a hysterosalpingogram which showed my right tube 99% blocked and my left 97% blocked. My husband and I have had no luck in getting pregnant, and no other female problems are a factor aside from the scar tissue blocking my tubes. They never told me or identified why I had the ectopic pregnancies in the first place. But, my question is........ can my tubes be cleared and allow me to get pregnant?? My OBGYN told me that it would be a pointless surgery that could likely result with more scar tissue.

I have a question!!!
I have been pregnant by my boyfriend three times the first time I had a miscarriage and the second and third time I had etopic pregnancies and I had to get surgery to get both of my tubes removed due to the etopic pregnancies.
my doctor said that I can go through the IVF and I would get pregnant probably the first time going through it because the only problem is I don't have any tubes .

Now my question is do you think I can go through the mini-IVF and still get pregnant or do you think I need to go through the regular IVF ?

I looked up the mini-IVF on the internet and it says that it is cheaper and you don't use as much medicine. I am one who don't have alot of money to go through the IVF or I don't have insurance to cover it so that why I was asking questions about this .

I am in the same boat....I had a tubel reversal two years ago then in last march had a tubel pregnancy lost my left tube I have bad scar tissue and I can't seem to get preferred I want to do ivf but Idk if I can :(,

ive been having problems for 13 years! everytime i had my period i was n severe pain to the point i couldnt walk n had to keep going to the dr. and E.R. for help!theyve put me on all meds includin vicodin and tylenol 3w/codine and still was n pain. hot baths and heating pad didnt work they did ultra sounds and test never found anything now last april i was finally diagnosed with bad case of endometriosis and at the time of surgery had a cyst on both sides and found out i have a fibroid wrap around my fallupian tube and connect to my uretha! so ive had the cyst removed in last april and when i got checked by specialist for endo my cyst came back on the right. the dr. put me on lupron for 7months every since ive been nausous and vomiting and dont understand why? not alone i was lacking sleep from hot flashes, was bruising easily and kept having nosebleeds due to gagging so much .and have lost almost 50lbs in 3 months. im now taking norethindrone and in the process of all this ive lost my job due to bein sick so now i dont know what to do now? im still having problems eating! before i lost my benfits ive had endoscopy and colonscopy done i even had another test done where they filled my stomach with fluid. everything came back fine but yet my dr. said it had nothing to do with endometriosis! and now because of this i cant seek work or get back on my feet due to im constantly nausous and still yet to keep barely anything down.sad to say im always worrying now cause my grandmother past away due this disease so can someone please help me! HELP ME PLZ!!!!!

RIGHT.ok ive had two ectopic pregnacies in both tubes.iv only got one tube left and its damaged.ive tried and tried to get pregnant but its stiiiil not happening..i dont no what to do?? should i get ivf treatments?? or can i get my tube cleared out or something??

I am 32 yrs old and am a mother of 5. I got pregnant for the sixth time in 2008 but lost the pregnancy. A couple of months after the miscarriage I had a tubal ligation, a decision that I truly regret. Can invitro still work for me even though I've had the tubal ligation?

Yes but It's really expensive and very long process! I was a surrogate.

Howdy! This article couldn't be written much better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept talking about this. I most certainly will send this post to him. Pretty sure he'll have a great read. Thank you for sharing!

Ok! ive had four ectopic pregnancies in both tubes; two removed thru surgery and two thru injections and only got one tube left and I also tried doing ivf twice right after my 3rd ectopic pregnancies and no it didn't work. One year later after that I got divorce and now with someone new and I got pregnant right away within two months and again ectopic this was my 4th and last pregnancy. It's been two years since my last ectopic, I’ve tried and tried to get pregnant but its stiiiil not happening. .I don’t no what to do...I'm wondering if I have scar tissue!! (What) is causing me to have ectopic pregnancies...what causes tubes to be block?? I have never had a pelvic exams done ...after my first 3 ectopic I went straight into invitro but, I had it done in Mexico since it was cheaper and that didn't work... I had an appointment this week with a specialist in infertility and with my history right away he advised me to do the ivf again ... but I can not afford it... I asked him if he could try checking my tube that is left because I never had any type of procedure done (like x-rays or an iodine dye, laparoscopy to see what is causing my ectopic..He said he was going to do a laparoscopy, to see if he could find the problem but I’m scarred. To how bad its block and what could it be and if he could even repair it or get my tube cleared out or something?? What are my chances on getting pregnant after clearing my tube? I can't afford the ivf anymore and I'm 34 year old; I heard it's harder to get pregnant after 35.

Hi - I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. Yes, scarring in the fallopian can cause ectopic pregnancy, and laparoscopy may remove any scar tissue that exists. It's also true that it's more difficult to get pregnant in your mid-to-late 30s. And because you've been trying to get pregnant for a couple of years, you should really see a fertility doctor - a reproductive endocrinologist. There's a feature on every page of that allows you to search for a fertility doctor or fertility clinic by zip code.

It may seem scary to take that step, but it's the best way to get your problem diagnosed and treated. Also, if you do need treatment such as IVF, some fertility centers offer financial assistance.

Hi, Six yrs ago after giving birth to my daughter by c-section, I had my tubes tied. Two years ago I had to have both my tubes removed. I was told that my tubes didn't "seal"properly& therefore filled with fluid & cysts. The cyst burst in on my right tube & I was told I had to have them both removed. My question is " Can I still have babies?". This sounds crazy, but can fallopian tubes grow back? I'm 33yrs old and want more kids. Haven't had my period in 7wks and feel some symptoms w/ my first pregnancy six yrs ago. Took a home pregnancy test & it came back negative. Could something more serious be going on w/ my body, only my tubes were removed. Please help.

I had a TL in 2004 after the birth of my son. In 2008 I found out I was pregnant. It was not ectopic, and I gave birth to another son via c-section for obvious reasons. The doctor who preformed my c-section advised me to have another TL done because he guessed that one of my tubes had grown back and it could later lead to ectopic pregnancies. When preparing to do my TL the doctor discoved that my tubes had not grown back together but instead they were still cut and burnt. In fact... he found out I grew a third tube! Does anyone else know of this happening or what is the percentage of this happening to women?

Wow, so you grew a 3rd tube, thats amazing:) I had both of mine removed and I was wondering if, by faith and a miracle, would it be possible for them to grow back as I really want to have a child. What did he say about you growing that 3rd tube? I'm very curious to know if its possible for me:) Wish me luck...

when I was 16 i got gonorrhea. It was horrible, because I trusted my boyfriend. Then 25 years later, in that time I found my true love and I want to have a baby! Nothing has happened in 12 years and I am sad, and frustrated, so I finally go to a Dr. The Dr. performs a hysterosaping, you know where they go thru your cervix with a dye to check to see if your fallopian tubes are blocked. Guess what ladies and gentlemen, my fallopian tubes are blocked, because of infection and he gives me a prescription for the infection and I leave.

So my question is is there insurance that can cover the surgery for scar tissue and IVF? If so. what is it called. Is there any way I can get pregnant?

Hi, I'm kinda going through the same thing as you, I'm 29 & never have been pregnant. Something happened when I was 15 & I believe that's what's affecting me from becoming pregnant. Me and my fiance have been trying, but to no avail. I now have insurance & am finally going to see a doctor to see what the exact problem is & what options I have.

I was trying to figure out how long the fallopian tubes actually are. I got my tubes cut and I'm trying to figure out if they cut them all or if there's enough to get the procedure reversed. If anybody could give me an answer, I would appreciate it. Can't get any answers from my dr.

you have to get your medical records from you surgery post operative report then another doctor can tell if/ how much tube you have left. good luck

i recently had an ectopic pregnacy and my doctor had to surgically remove my right tube. he said my left tube looks good. but i have a problem, me and my husband had sex a week after the surgery before i went to see the doctor and he told me i have to wait six weeks before i have sex and i did not inform him about it and im worried that maybe i might have damaged something by having protected sex yes we used a condom but im worried that the pressure might have messed up the other tube. i need some advice. please

my dear love,what is difficult to a human being is not difficult to GOD.just trust him in every situation of your life he will do miracles and to his miracles there is no end.HE is a powerful GOD,have faith in him and live a miraculous life.very soon you will give a testimony.

Hi Claire, I'm 30 years and had a 8.13 lbs baby boy Nov. 2008. I had to go through c-section because the doctors figures I have Cephalopelvic disproportion. I had the baby and I left the hospital with NO complications, pain or after effect infection. However, on the Obstetrics Operative Report,it clearly indicated by the surgeons that, "it was prudent to proceed with the CT IVP for ureter assessment". I've told the nurse before being discharge, but was told that everything is fine and I'm good to go home.

Its now passed 18 months (May 2010), and I've only had 1 menstrual period, back in Dec 2009. Yes, I breastfeed for 7 months, which perhaps affected my menstrual cycle. I've seen a fertility doctor and proceeded with some testing, including, ultrasound, echovist, etc.. The results was alarming due to failure to find my ovaries and visibility of cyst. Laparoscopy surgery was the next step.

On my surgery, my surgeon injected a dye, but it didn;t go through my uterus at all. I recieved a phone call result the very next day, in which my surgeon was inquiring about my C-section. Of was there any complication, how many did I have (which is only 1), and was there infection. The answer is NO to all his question. I was fine when I left the hospital. But, this is what boggling my mind. My surgeon has informed me that there are LARGE AMOUNT of adhesion to my uterus and stomach. That my uterus is being pulled and stretch up high to my stomach, deforming my uterus. Also, my tube to my ovaries are so blocked that trying to have another child will be hard. My next appointment is in june to discuss the next step.

I know how adhesion are formed, but I dont know how is it, that I came about getting massive amount. And my uterus being adhered to my stomach. I've done my research, but I cant seem to find any info on how this came about.

HELP, please.

When I read this I was shocked, I went through this same thing, except the DR who did the csection was military, not Im not even sure if I can have anymore kids...And Ive been to a fertility spec for 2 yrs....Is there any other info on this.....?

i had a tubal ligation six and a half years ago, and i have been having alot of pain. my Dr. recently did laparascopy surgery to see what was causing the pain and the only thing he could find was possibly the clamps he placed was causing the pain, so he cut the clamps off! my question is can my tubes grow back and can i become pregnant again!

i had a tubal ligation six and a half years ago, and i have been having alot of pain. my Dr. recently did laparascopy surgery to see what was causing the pain and the only thing he could find was possibly the clamps he placed was causing the pain, so he cut the clamps off! my question is can my tubes grow back and can i become pregnant again!

After my daughter was born in 2008, my husband and I decided we didn't want to have another baby for a while and were actually on the fence about having another one because we already had two. I have tried to take a few different birth controls, the pill, the shot, the patch and none of them really fit me, they caused me to be very emotional and depressed. I asked my dr if there was something that wasn't permanent that i could get incase in say 5 years we want another one, and explained how my step mother got tubal clamps put on and he said that they were a good idea b/c if i wanted another one i could come to him, and talk to him and he would b able to remove them and my husband and i could try for another one...after reading stuff online i'm worried because i'm not sure what to believe. So i was wondering if anyone had an information on this procedure. because again, i didnt want anything i'm really confused right now...

The question I having been trying to figure out is that I have had both of my fallopian tubes removed, I still have a working uterus and ovaries, I want to know is it possible to conceive naturally and if not what steps would I need to take in order to conceive a baby? Please let me know what there is out there that could help me.

I also had both tubes removed and yes you can have a child but it would have to be through an IVF procedure or I just read a post up above that a lady had her tubes cut and burnt but she got pregnant and when the dr went in to see what happened he said that she miraculously grew a 3rd tube so with lots of prayer, faith and hope there may be a miracle for us both:) Lets focus on the fact that it happened to her so it can happen to us too....I believe in miracles!! Do you?

i just had an appendicitis surgery but the doctor mentioned that the cause for this was an std...witch he wouldnt tell me the name of i dont kno i thought that was weird....he said the infection was so bad that it had spread to my abdomenthen to my stomach in from there infected everythin else. his explanation wasnt convincing or maybe not enough....i had my baby on 4.12.09 and i everythin was fine and the only sex partner ive had is my husband...if it was an std that caused it id like to kno atleast the name or why?....anyone have any klue?

I have question- I'm 46 and I've had my tubes cut and burned over 22 years ago, can I poosibly get pregnant again? I'm tired lately, a little nausea, and my period was barely there, I'm so confused, help.

I need to know if you have had your tubes tied and get an infection in your tubes is it life threating? I have a niece that says she has infection in her tubes and they are tied and doctors says it is life threating and I think she is lying. She said doctors have to untie her tubes or she will die from infection. Please let me know as I don't believe her. Can anyone tell me?

Ok for starters when I was a teenager I did contract a sexually transmitted disease. Then in my twenties I had to get my left tube and ovary removed due to an abscess. In my late twenties I learned that my right tube was blocked. Was wondering does a block tube cause a lot of pain, because I have constant pain on my right side. I don't know what is going on. I had vaginal ultrasounds done and everything seems to be ok. My pap smears all come back negative for diseases. I have been having discharges and it seems like my bladder is leaking. I really need to know what is going on with my body. I am now taking birth control pills. I don't want to mask the situation I want it to get better. Oh please someone help!!

i had a fallopian tube removed because of a massive cyst that was about 10 in. i had that done a couple of months ago, and i was wondering how hard is it going to be for me to conceive? i am only 18 and i am very worried about it

Honestly you should not have a problem especially having your other fallopian tube and ovary.

Well, im a 29 yr old mother of 2. I had an ectopic pregnancy in 1999 which the tube ruptured. Then had my 2 children afterwards. Also had 3 abortions after kids. Last yr i had a cyst on my ovary which ruptured n i had 2 b rushed into emergency surgery. Ive been in pain n just found out thru an ultrasound that i have another cyst filled wit blood. Also they jus told me that im gona need 2 c a specialist cus i have sumthng inside my left fallopian tube. Now im scared n dnt kno wut 2 do. What could this possibly be that is in the tube?

I am two months pregnant and I was told my fallopian tubes are dilated last Wednesday. The hospital called me yesterday and told me I had chlamydia. I am very scared and confused about what is happening and what could happen. Am I gonna die? Can you give me some insight on what may or may not happen so I can be prepared for anything

This sounds like a scary time for you, and you have a lot of unanswered questions. You really need to contact your doctor to get complete information on your situation.


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