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What Causes Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is indicated by many small cysts in the ovaries. Health care professionals may also call it polycystic ovary disease, polycystic ovaries, Stein-Leventhal syndrome, or polyfollicular ovarian disease.

PCOS affects about 5 percent to 10 percent of women of childbearing age and occurs among all races and nationalities. It is the most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age and is a leading cause of infertility. It is estimated that as many as 30% of women have some characteristics of the syndrome.

The ovaries of women with PCOS produce higher than normal amounts of androgens (male hormones) which can interfere with the development and release of eggs. Normally when an egg matures, the follicle (sac within the ovary that contains eggs) releases the egg so it can travel to the uterus for fertilization. With PCOS, the eggs in these follicles may not mature or in some case egg maturation is altered. Instead of being released during the menstrual cycle, the follicles build up in the ovaries and form cysts. Because they are not ovulating and releasing an egg each month it is common for women with PCOS to have irregular or missed periods.

What Causes PCOS?

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is called a syndrome rather than a disease because it has many possible causes or characteristics, rather than one known cause. Although the ovaries of women with this syndrome contain a number of small cysts, women without PCOS may also have a similar number of cysts. For this reason, researchers believe the cysts themselves may not be causing the problem.

It is believed the leading cause of PCOS could be insulin resistance. Women with PCOS are often found to have a malfunction of insulin production, formation, or action. Too much insulin signals the ovaries to release higher-than-normal levels of androgens. Elevated insulin levels are unhealthy and may eventually increase your risk not only for infertility but also for diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease.

PCOS may also have a genetic predisposition and run in families. However, there is not yet enough scientific evidence to prove the condition is inherited.

If you have PCOS-related infertility it is probably due to the inability of the ovaries to release an egg, or the ovaries are releasing eggs that are not fully developed. However, not all women with PCOS have difficulty becoming pregnant. To learn more about PCOS, visit Fertility Authority's PCOS Channel.

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My 15 yr old daughter has PCOS. she has been on Necon for four months. She also has been diginosed with RSD at the same time. Her energy level, has become worse in the last several months. 11 days ago she became nauses, dizzy and tired. Then pain in her upper right side, the pain has not subsided, her other symptoms have gotten worse. Doctors just keep saying that her body needs to absorb the fluid from a ruptured cyst. She gets so weak an dizzy juust getting up to go to the bath room
Is there anyone else that has had similar issues? Looking for answers that may help. Thank you

Please e-mail karu at

I am 30 now. When I was 13 I had painful periods and often felt sick and fainted often looking back probably from the pain. I remember being dizzy often. When I was 13 the doctors did not know what was wrong with me, it wasnt until I was 17 I got my diagnoses for PCOS. I had an ultrasound of my ovaries and they found many cysts infact my doctor said most of my cysts would pass during my period which was almost every month but not predictable even today not predictable. I took birth control pills that helped a lot with the pain of cysts and periods. It wasnt until I was 20 I had to have cysts removed 41 of them. I know sounds like a lot but most were small the largest in my case was golf ball size. I married and it took 7 1/2 years to get pregnant and you dont want to know how many times I tried even with the help of a doctor. Eventually I had a son but I also adopted. Now at 30, signs of my disease are as follows....I am overweight, slightly depressed, periods every month but like I said not on a particular day may be 20 days inbetween or 45 but not usually the later. Every now and then a very painful or heavy period but probably because of cysts but of all the time I had the disease just 1 surgery for them. I grow facial hair because because of the disease my testerone level is higher and my female hormones are lower. I definately look like a female but facial hair is embarrassing. I always shave it. Waxing will not work and I can not afford laser treatment. I would like more children but I am blessed to have one. As far as your her! Support her but dont pretend you know what it is like because it really stinks and after awhile you grow to accept it and find out what works for you. Truthfully if I could have changed anything. I would have never took the birth control because even at a younger age I would have wanted the chance at pregnancy instead of no chance at all. The pain can become tolerable and I do not take anything for the disease and havent since I had my son 4 years ago. I just suck it up and take it easy when I need to. Use ice and heating pads, warm baths, walks, food...whatever works to comfort plus I have great support and my close friends know me well so I do not have to hide my shaving my face tacktics or my discomfort. Just my story! Everyones is different.

I'm Asian though. I used to take birth control for almost for 3 years about 2 years ago. But now I don't cuz of their side effect. And my menstrual is really irregular. Do you think menstrual is related in your mood? When you r in a really nice relationship ur mens get regular? Do you know some ways for fostering ur mens? Cuz my mens is getting too late and kinda pimple popping up .. My bf is a American but he's too stupid(?) to understand May I have your email adress if you don't mind? seems like we r in a same boat internationally... Sincearly, Mischa LEE

I am also 15 and i was diagnosed about 5 months ago...i can kinda relate to your daughter with the whole dizziness & stuff. I know that im on two medications & they both warn of dizziness and fatige so you might wanna check on that . If she have ovarian pains she may be getting a new cyst or may just be getting ready to ovulate. so i hope this helped and if you have any questions feel free to email me at:
ohh and my name is liv .

hey my name is rosalina well i dont really know where to start... i was diagnosed with p.c.o.s im not 19 years old and i had to have an operation almost 3 years ago i has a 13 cm cyst out side of my ovary the cyst was as big as a grapefruit i was on vacation at mexico when it started to hurt so bad i went to the hospital and that same day they operated on me i was soooo scared... im still dealing with the problem i kinda treat myself now ive done alot of research and tryed alot of things the best medicine for p.c.o.s is this mexican birthcontrol called diane i get it from sinaloa mexico it costs about 17 dolars per pack which lasts for a month.... i havent took it for two months now and i fill great before i ever took this medicine i would get a cyst in tike 3 days.... the days that your most likly to get a cyst is two weeks after your period.... like my period was on the 30 and ended like the 3 so my days that im most likly to get a cyst is like the 10 until the 20 of the next month..... what works best for me is excersizing 40 mins daily... dont eat sugar, chocolate, soda, coffee or anything with caffine, no milk or eggs or any kind of meat and not alot of bread of butter or cheese , meat is the worst because it has hormones.... drink alot of water..... and im sorry for saying this and im embarresed to say this but its true... if you have the age to have sex and you have a safe partner to do it with , if you have sex about 3 to 4 times daily and you have an orgasym each time you less likly to get cyst and you will fill better the pain should go away.... anyways thats what i do and it works.... sex,excersize and eating right is the way to do it......

hello, i am 20 years old and just found out i have PCOS. like most people with pcos i am overweight but never used to be and i am having a hard time losing the weight. i have not had a period in over 160 days. i was recently put on Provera to try and regulate my period but no luck, so the doctor started me on my last three doses in hopes that it works. i am also on birth control due to the hormone inbalance. i am constantly in pain in my lower back and my abdomen area with constant cramping 24 hours a day but with no period. i have not tried to get pregnant but i honestly should have been pregnant a few times by now due to unprotected sex without being on birth control and the doctor said it is very likely that i will never be able to have children at this rate. this has been really hard for me to deal with and i feel like i cant even tell my boyfriend for fear of how he will react to this whole thing. i am still trying to stay as strong as i can be but it really isn't easy. to all of you who have pcos all i can say is to stay strong and keep having faith!

Hi, i was told i have pcos when i was in my 20's. I thought i would never have kids. I got prego at age 30 which ended in miscarrage and then ectopic preg. At 32yrs old. Now at 36 im 2 months pregnant after being told ivf was best choice. So keep the fauth and keep praying like i did. What a blessing!

I went in for a ultrasound and was told that I have pcos about 3yrs ago. I have had about 4 miscarages and my cycles are never on time. And when i do get one its only for about 2-3 days long. I got on birth control to regulated them and when they started to reglate I try to concieve again with no sucess. I started missing cylces again thinking that I might of been pregnant but all test have been negative. My cycles have become even more eregular over the last 4 months. I have become abnormally tired and dizzy. Is there anyone who has these symptoms?

I am in somewhat of the same situation... I am 21 years old.. i have a 5 year old son.... and I recetly found out about 2 years ago when i was trying to once again concieve ,that I had PCOs... I was never on time with my period so the dr tried putting me on Birth control... i tired the pills for about 6 months and then stopped once my periods seemed regular... i then started trying again to become pregnant with no success, but with like many stories i have read the Dr's have little help in this type of situation besides saying that bringing down the weight would help... or trying to put someone on metformin... i am guessing that losing weight is one of the major things i have seen that helps a woman to become pregnant..

it does help to lose weight, i have done that and also been put on metformin. i had my first miscarraige almost 4 years ago, i was diagnosed about 7 years ago with PCOS, and they put me on metformin about two months before i got pregnant the first time, and lost that one at 7 1/2 weeks, then i stopped going to the doc (that was a mistake) and i didnt stay on metformin, i went to the doc this past october and got back on metformin and was pregnant again, and i lost that one at 7 1/2 weeks too.. have them test your progestrone level, they found out that was really low and that is why i had my second miscarraige. now i am still on metformin, and hoping for a third try, and the min i find out im pregnant again i am to start my hormone pill. They think my lining is weak, and that is why i have lost two babies. i dont know if that will help you or not, but it has with me.

Yes its often said that we(the women who suffer from pcos) should loose weight first in order to become pregnant. Hello.... have you took a look around the world lately, hell there are women who are freakin obese meanin bigger than you and I put together and are getting pregnant. Further more no doctor I mean absolutely none has the final say so over God, they may do his will, but they do not fufill his blessings, thats his job and his only. I have been trying to concieve with my husband for over a year, and yes I have been told that I have pcos, but let me tell you there is still an ounce of faith that says that one day my baby girl will come. We have a ten year old and my husband and I still believe that all the baby girl clothes we buy will go on our precious daughter soon.. So don't give up on God and remember pcos is just a title, its up to you if you allow it to become more than just a so call symptom.
P.S. I had a friend once and she suffered from pcos, and had all the signs but never consulted a dr. She thought the worse and said that she wasn't going to be able to have kids, well I'm here to say that she gave birth to an healthy son and that came without the help or concern of a dr. she just went on with life and when her time came so did her chance for motherhood, now tell me God ain't a miracle worker....
God Bless You,
Nina V

Ladies I am 33 years old and I was diagnosed with PCOS 8 years ago. Here I was married to the man of my dreams for almost five years who happened to be a single father of two wonderful boys and I felt alone and empty. I loved my stepchildren but every time I looked at them I was reminded of my inability to conceive. Within the first two years of being diagnosed I had two miscarriages back to back. I went into a deep depression and thought that I had given up all hope to have the baby of my dreams. this put an awful strain on my marriage and we almost didn't make it through. But ladies I am here to tell you that I have now conceived four times naturally. In 2008 I gave birth to a gorgeous son that the lord blessed our family with after 10 years. At 33 I am now 12 weeks pregnant and thanking god everyday...
Ladies please do not give up!
Here's to all the blessings that god has in store for us!

Amen Ms Nina! you are absolutely correct, God is a Great God, & only He has the final say. I to have pcos, & I am having a hysteroscopy in the morning, & from what im told it should increase my chances to conceive, I have a Very Strong Faith & Belief in My God, & I truly believe He has already worked it out for me! I firmly believe by next Mothers Day I will be able to hear instead of just saying Happy Mothers Day! God is so Good & I know without a doubt that He has already Blessed me with my baby boy, as He has your baby girl. He says ask & ye shall recieve just as long as ye believe.... Well May God Bless You Ms Nina

hi everyone i am 27 and i was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 24. Since i got my period it was always irregular. And will last 2-4 days only. when i was diagnosed i just started getting a regular periods every single month and still do. my periods are longer 7-9 days which i was told is normal. problem is that I still have PCOS and I did cholmid for 3 cycles. I am over weight but I am not diabetic, dont have high cholestoral i dont have high blood pressure. I am normal in all that aspect. Then they told me that metformin will work but i have to get diabetes so the dr are just waiting for me to become diabetic. which i think is ridiculous. the only reason why i am over weight is bc of PCOS. my family doesnt have a history of diabetes or PCOS. its becoming so stressful and emotionally drained trying to become pregnant. If PCOS is caused with an embalance of our own insulin and its causing more man hormones to produce why cant they just help us balance out our insulin level so that way we can get pregnant. bc you know once we get pregnant there is a high chance that PCOS goes away!! Good luck to everyone!! but i need to get out NYC all together to get more help!!

I am in the same boat as you, I am 26 and was just diagnosed the last 6 months with pcos after a gyn told me I did not have it I was just infertile and have me clomid which I conceived my daughter but it made me very moody according to my husband. But I am not diabetic but they want to put me on metformin they are waiting for me to become diabegic. I'm completely healthy except the pcos and weight. I want another child but its like they don't want to do anything


I think you need to find a new OB-GYN! First of all, Clomid is not the cure-all fertility drug. You should only take Clomid while being regularly monitored by a fertility specialist. Without ultrasounds and blood work, how will you know if you are responding to the drug? Also, how will you know if your partner has a fertility issue as well? Metformin can be very helpful for girls with insulin resistance, but it isn't for every girl with PCOS. Has your doctor tested for this? Please give us a call at 1-855-955-2229 and we can help you find a fertility doctor who will give you better answers and help you have a baby!


yes I have the same problem I am getting very upset because I want to have a baby really bad I am 33 years old I am allways upset an crying sometimes I get dizzy I don't know if woman with this pcos can have babies I am praying an hoping so thanks for listening.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2002...when I was trying so hard to become pregnant....I had a laparoscopy to get rid of some of my cysts and was put on metformin...I still take it today. I did have to take Clomid to become pregnant the first 3 times...I miscarried after my 1st son was I have 3 beautiful boys! 6, 3 and 2 years old...I am sending this message to give you hope...with the right doctor(an aggressive one), prayer and without so much stress you can get pregnant.


Hi, I'm new to this site but I automatically connected to what you were saying. I would get so aggravated at the doctor and nurses telling me it was normal. One day I had had enough, i went to the office and demanded to be seen. They saw my pale complexion and immediately sent me to lab. My blood count was so low they took me to surgery that day for a D&C. it did miracles and gave me hope (needless to say I switched doctors). She put me on birthcontrol for 6 months. I begged to stay on for 8 and once off I've only had a couple of bad episodes like you were describing. I'm by no means regular and we haven't gotten pregnant yet but I know exactly what you were going through. I'm so glad I joined this group and I hope to gain further insight into this syndrome that seems to be taking control of my life (and other lives as well). I'm not from your area so I can't recommend a good doctor but if you need to vent know I'm here. Not sure how long ago your post was - just curious if you're any better or have had any luck. I hope you reply. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks! Becky


i am 27 years old. i have been trying to get pregnant since i was 18. At the age 18 the doctor diagnosed me with irregular bleeding and left it at that. for years i tried different men, thinking tha problem was with them, i never protected myself and never got pregnant. i would always get the symptoms of pregnacy but never the positive sign! my longest period lasted for 365 days. and there was an enormous amount of clotting. my god the money i spent for sanitary napkins. every time i go to the docs office they ask me the date of my last menstral, i can only look dumb because i dont know. i spott ocasionally but thats it. but no-one took the time to really listen to what i was saying until this monday. i have had hot flashes for the past 5 years, this is crazy! to those women who were able to conceive my heart goes out 2 you congratulations! I had the ultrasound of my ovaries last year, thats when i was diagnosed with pcos, and the doc still didnt do anything. I recently ffound out that im diabetic, high cholesterol, and high bp. THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT I CAN EDUCATE MYSELF ON MY CONDITION NOW AND THE LORD IS ON ALL OF OUR SIDES! WE ARE NOT ALONE AND THAT MAKES THIS EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER A LITTLE EASIER. SO LADIES LETS PRAY UP AND CONTINUE TO SWALLOW THAT METFORMIN!

I am also 27 and been trying to get pregnet for about 2 years and was recently diagnosed with pcos and my gyn put me on Metformin Er 500 mg it scary I dont really know much about pcos and I am freaked out that my gyn has me taking a diabetic med. and I am not a diabetic
Well good luck and best wishes with your journey
God bless you.

I as well have very long periods, when i do have them. My longest period was for 7 months and from that i had to have a DNC and blood transfusion because i had lost so much blood. The DNC stopped my period. I have went 9 to 10 months without having one and here recently I am having a period for 5 or 6 hours, then i will stop and i will start again in 3 to 5 days. This has been happening now for about 2 months. I bleed clots very regularly and any more i couldn't tell you when i am going to start. I hate having this issue and wish there was some kind of cure for it.

hey my name is rosalina, im 19 years old, be careful beacuase when i was 14 i went through the same thing it almost sounds like im hearing my own story, i loved to swim as a child when i was 13 i got my first period and i hated it because it lasted for a week and i couldnt go swimming so i hated my period, when i was 14 my periods wouldnt be normal and sometimes i wouldnt have a period so i was happy because i could go swimming so i didnt think it was bad and never told anyone well one day i got my period it lasted 3 months i had a tampon and a overnight pad on at the same time changing then both every 10 to 15 mins then i got anemia and insomnia it messed up my life when i finally went to the doctors i was so bad that they asked me how was it possible that i was alive that is was a miracle because i didnt have enough blood to be alive and the nurse told me if you would have came maybe a week later you wouldnt be here because you are already dying i was in the hospital for 2 days they put blood in me and i told them my ovarys hurt i could see and fill the cyst i thought it was a tumor or something so the did an oltersound and found nothing but it was there i went to a very good doctor en mexico and he found it his name is arturo jimenez from guamuchil sinaloa hes a very nice and understanding doctor and not expencive so my advice to you is to take iron pills and see a doctor asap

hello did you concieve your 3 children before your laparoscopy??? im just wondering i have 2 sons but i have been trying to get pregnant but pcos has prevented me from doing so i didnt stay on metformin long enough to see the effects .but i am going to get back on it and just go through the motions and hopefully i get a baby...

hello iam 39 ive wanted a baby since i was 18. my cycle has always been irregular and painful. my niece was diagnoised with pcos about 2 years ago. I went to her dr. and found that i have it also and endometriosis. he put me on metformin and i had shots that put me though early menopause (fun) I stopped the shots and continue to take my metformin. I have not had a baby yet but I started eating better.(Alot of green veg) I follow a diabetic diet. I feel so much better and have lost 35pounds. I will keep trying for my baby. try not to think about it to much just be healthy.

I can feel your pain SO much as I can with most of these ladies. When I was 18, they didn't know what was wrong with me but decided that I needed a hysterectomy. I wanted babies SO bad that I wouldn't let them do it. That was in 1980 and I don't think the majority of the docs had heard of PCOS. After 5 years, I finally found a specialist that knew what he was doing. I found out that not only did I have PCOS but I also had endometriosis. I had gone 3 years without a period but was in severe pain all of the time. My doctor wound up doing 6 D & C's and finally did major surgery. I had cysts taken out, had to have my tubes cut and sectioned back together, he blew out my tubes and I don't know what all else. It was very hard to go thru and wound up getting a divorce. After 5 years, I remarried and wanted children desperately. I still had lots of pain and irregular periods but I got pregnant after 4 months and had a wonderful baby girl! My doctor had always said that things would get better after having a baby and they did! We tried to get pregnant again and had two miscarriages. After the second, the doctor found out that once I got into my 2nd trimester, my hormones were too low to sustain the baby. I had to use suppositories every 8 hours that made me SOOO sick but I was able to have a baby boy. Don't give up!!! Find the right doctor and you will have the babies you want.
I had two friends that had PCOS and couldn't get pregnant. They had the surgery and one had three babies and the other had four. Technology is a lot better than it used to be so don't give up.

The thing I didn't know is that you can pass on PCOS. Unfortunately, when my daughter hit puberty, it was only a short time before we figured out she had it too. It breaks my heart to know that I passed that on to the best daughter I could ever have imagined, Now I surf constantly trying to figure out what to do to help her.

Good luck to all of you and keep searching for the RIGHT doctor!!!

im 24 years old and i found out i had pcos about 2 years ago when i stopped getting my period so my doctor put me on metformin ive been taking it for about a year now with no luck getting pregnant but it has made my periods regular so my doctor started me on clomid 100mg 1 pill a day starting on the 5th day of my cycle for 5 days last month with no luck so this will be my 2nd month taking it and i took my first dose today and i'm praying it works because i really want a baby more than anything and i heard if clomids going to work it usually does with in the first 3 months and your only allowed to take it up to six months but your story gave me some hope because ive been feeling like its never going to happen but i did want to ask how many cycles did you have to take the clomid before you got pregnant


hi!, did you get pregnant with Clomid? was it succesfull?

I am 31yrs old and I was diagnoised with PCOS this year and I am pregnant. I was told that I couldnt have any kids because I had so many cyst on my ovaries, I also have fibroid tumors as well. I want to give hope and please ask your doctor about takig metformin. I was told that you have to continue to take metformin while pregnant to stop from having a miscarriage. Good luck to all of us with this issue

I'm 20 years old and after I found out that I have PCOS I became upset because I know here in a year or so I gonna want a baby and now after reading up on PCOS I think that My chances are slimar than before. I also have cohrns disease and that makes me high risk of pregancy also. But what I was going to say is that I have also notice that I'm more tired and moody and I also cry alot now too and I never use to cry that much. Does anyone have any answer to why you get so upset with PCOS. Please help!

Basically your hormones are out of balance......I'm 21 and I have PCOS and i recently started taking Vitex when i had a menstrual that was on for like 10days and it stoped it in just 3days and i feel normal and i have lots of energy! its also suppose to increase fertility. what Dr's. Fail to say is that progestorone being low is the case of insulin resistance which causes weight gain and also infertility....................Try out the vitamin Vitex and see for your self..........

I am 20 yrs. old the doctor has just diagnosed me with PCOS. I have been on the other side of the menstrual cycle . For a year straight I did not have to worry about a period. And now that I started on the Metformin I have had a period for a month straight. Even though I don't want a child now. I would like to have that option in the future. I am constantly having mood swings and taking my family on a wild mood swing ride. Grr.. Glad to see everyone's experiences and hopefully after the meds, workouts, and healthy eating we will get through this and prosper.

NEVER Give UP! I am turning 36 in March and have had PCOS since I was 14 and diagnosied with it when I was 22. I suffer from all the symptoms and have been trying for a baby since my 20's. I am now married and we will continue to try. I just started the Metformin (sp?) two months ago and when I ran out this last month I admitt I got discouraged and didn't refill it. But I will refill it after reading some of the others situations and what not and want to encourage all to never give up and that we all have something we are meant to do in this world.

Hi guys, I am 22 years old and I found out when I was 19-20 that I had pcos. BUT I also have endometriosis. I was seeing my pelvic pain specialist when I discovered I had pcos. I have constant pain in my sides from it and somedays I dont even want to get out of bed. I am always tired and that really sucks. I had three surgeries within 12 months of each other. First and third were for endometriosis, but the second was for a cyst that was found one Friday when I had catscan for severe pain on my side. Anyways it grew over 4cm in 7 days. I had to have it drained and removed... The bright light in this whole story is that there is hope because even thru all my female health problems I have a beautiful little boy that will be one soon. He is the light of my life. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! THERE IS ALWAYS REASON FOR HOPE! I really pray that this helps women who are close to giving up to reconsider.

Hi I am 32 I have had these problems since I was 15. I got pregnant with the help of clomid when I was 20, I lost the baby at 12 weeks. I tried again at 21 and got pregnant again with clomid, I had alot of problems with the pregnancy and ended up having my daughter about 5 weeks early. Finally at about 23 they diagnosed me with pcos, I was happy because they finally told me what was wrong with me, but upset because I knew it would never go away. At 25 I wanted another baby so the doctor gave me clomid after six months I couldn't get pregnant, so he gave me metformin with the clomid and I got pregnant. I have 2 daughters and now that I am 32 I would like a little boy before my biological clock runs out, but i went to the doctor last week and he put me on metformin daily and wants to do a histerectamy. I hurt all of the time I usually don't have periods and when I do I get really sick. I am tired all of the time, I have facial hair now and I get really depressed because I love children and want more, but i don't want to be in this kind of shape any more a histerectamy could make it all go away.

I am here to say that YES, women with PCOS Can have babies, I was diagnosed in 1999 and in 2002 got pregnant with my daughter who is now 7 years old, it just takes patience and time and the right doctor.

Yes! It is possible. Hubby and I tried for 5 years. We used chlomide and all with no results. Several doctors and fertility specialists ,new dietary instructions, exercise routine,metformin and 50 pounds lighter after suggested weight lose we gave up and left it in God's hands, before the next fertility specialist appointment in which we were gonna spend 1000.00 + dollars a month we found out we were pregnant. I breast feed for almost 13 months and we decided to take our chances with getting pregnant and went off BC at the time I stopped Breast feeding. Daughter conceived that month. We have been greatly blessed, but I will never forget crying at the drop of a hat any where but especially at the doctors office seeing all of those young girls pregnant with little thought. In God's time and with your patience and diligence to take care of yourself it is possible. Say your prayers and let it go- - next take care of yourself first --then you will be ready for that precious bundle of joy. Best of luck and prayers!

Im 29 years old and was told i have pcos 2 years ago when i had what i thought was a normal period which lasted 9 months...on my 3rd ultrasound i was told that i had pcos and they guy that done it was quite suprised the fact that i had been able to have 3 children without any yes it is possible to have children it make a bit of time for you to conceive though...

i do have the same symptoms as you. I have had irregular period for 10 years. I have period for every six months that lasts only 2-3 days. I want children but im afraid i can't due to this. Now i havent had period for a long time. Im only twenty five and Im scare i will never have one. Is anybody has the same circumstances.

hey.. im 25 yrs also and i was diagnosed with this just yesterday.. I have had all the same symptoms as everyone..My doctor wants to put me on fertility drugs to help regulate me.. im nervous because not TRYING to get pregnant but Im engaged and if it happens we'd be excited but i dont wanta rush because of this but i dont wanta wait and possibly have issues and miss out ethier... this is a scarey thing for any girl to have to deal with...

Hello Jen,
my name is melissa and i was just diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and i two have a similar situation, my period comes and goes when it wants to i have a period once every 4 or 5 months and i am very stressed out about it because I want children too I talked to my doc about it and she told me not to worry there are things they can do for me to make me more fertile one medicine is called metphormen, this medicine is supposed to regulate your periods. I would not take the birth control unless you don't want kids but in your case you do.

I'm in the same situation... I used to have a cycle every few months, and now I don't have one at all. I went to the doctor a while back and they put me on several medications including metformin, but I would like to go a more natural route. I hate being on a lot of medicines with side effects. I'm researching and trying vitamins and horomones... Will update and let you know if anything works.

Yes, I have the same thing going on. I have a two year old son, I was told very shortly after the birth of my son that I too has PCOS. My husband and I wanted to have another child shortly after our son. I went to the doctor and they put me on birth control and gave me metformin, with is a diabetic med that is also used for women with pcos. I was on the birth control for several months and then went off in hope of getting pregnant. I too, feel tired all of the time and still have no luck on getting pregnant. GOOD LUCK TO YOU

I too have had dizzyness, a dermoid cyst which is when I was diagnosed with PCOS due to the polycystic ovaries they found when they did the surgery to remove one of my ovaries. I was devastated, and told I would not likely have children. I have two!

Six months after I began taking metformin I became pregnant on the pill after a series of antibiotics the first time and then I was breast feeding quite a bit when I became pregnant the second time. They took me off all medications the first time and the second time left me on the metformin and switched a med to prozac because of it's long history of information and lack of complicating births as apposed to the newer drug I was on ? It may have been Effexor XR?

I do not have the typical appearance I am 5'7" 136lbs now after a ton of stress but I was also that weight when I became pregnant. The children are 7 and 9 now. I also have some weird numbness feeling on the side of my head regulary. They CAT scanned me and blood tested me and found only slightly elevated blood sugar. I do not know if it was an A1C blood sugar test that tells more than a one time prick test.

I have Marfan Syndrome too. I do not think it's related at all. I have IBS with constipation and migraines too, both more likely related to the Marfan Syndrome.

Once I passed out coming out of a bar where I drank only soda and face planted in the mud. Talk about embarrassing knowing what people must have thought. My doctor diagnosed it as a likely vaso-vagal response to change in temperatures or stnading up too quickly since I have a low blood pressure. I did have to have electrolysis for five years and more intermittentlyafter that. Now I cannot afford it. anything that remains is minor and I deal withit using electronic a very fast moving tweezer hand held thing. like a man might have a shaver but its tweezing. Yuck I know. It is very upsetting. I feel very fortunate I have the two unplanned babse I do. I was 3 1/2 months pregnant the first time with no period, and that was not unusual for me so I onlyy took a test because a dress wouldn't fit thinking there was no way. One ovary and on birth control? It's possible. If you email me make it clear you are responding to this or I will shuffle it in the spam. I will answer what ever I can.
Best of luck to all.

i was told that i have pcos last year and i am trying to have a baby. i have been put in meds to regulate my periods. i am always tired and dizzy. my priods come only 1-3 times a year and my the days that i do get it its only for 2-3 days also. How far along were you when you had your miscarages.

i found out i have pcos about 3yrs. ago. ihave a cycle once a year. i have a 14yr.old son. i had a miscarriage when he was 2. i've tried for 10yrs. now
i have a doctor but with no luck. it sucks not to be able to have another baby. my next step i guess is to get a hisdrectomi.i feel for anyone with this syndrome.

Hey there,....I too have PCOS severely. I have dizzy spells all the time like you all were mentioning. However--please feel encouraged ladies out there trying to get pregnant. I DID have a baby! What worked for me is going on birth control pills. I took them for a while to get regular, and then stopped taking them. 2 months after stopping the bc I got pregnant! It regulated my cycle so that I would ovulate and as soon as I stopped taking the bc I still ovulated for a couple of months which was long enough to get pregnant. My doctor also warned me that not doing something about it was bad. The longer you don't take bc or something the more infertile you become. So be weary of that but be encouraged you can get pregnant and have a baby.


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