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PCOS & Pregnancy

Some women with PCOS become pregnant naturally; for others pregnancy becomes possible with the help of lifestyle changes, medical treatment, and/or infertility treatment. However, PCOS can affect a pregnant woman and her pregnancy in several ways.


Women with PCOS have a higher miscarriage rate than women without it. Although the cause is not understood, it may be due to elevated levels of luteinizing hormones, insulin, or glucose. The best way to reduce your risk of miscarriage is to normalize your hormone levels. Normalizing blood sugar and glucose levels may also be helpful. If you’re taking Metformin, it might reduce the chance of miscarriage, but continuing it during pregnancy is considered controversial so be sure to talk with your doctor about what’s right for you.

Gestational Diabetes

Since many women with PCOS are insulin resistant, they have an increased risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is a temporary type of diabetes that may develop during the second half of pregnancy and usually goes away after the baby is born. With gestational diabetes, your body doesn’t produce enough insulin to process sugar during pregnancy so the fetus may get too much sugar. If untreated, this can lead to a larger-than-normal baby, premature delivery, and increased chance of cesarean delivery. With treatment, however, most women have a healthy baby.


Pre-eclampsia is pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, and it usually occurs during the second half of pregnancy. With pre-eclampsia, the placenta doesn’t get enough blood so it can’t deliver enough oxygen and food to the fetus. This can result in low birth weight and other health problems for the baby. If detected early and treated, most women can still deliver a healthy child.

Although having PCOS does not necessarily mean you’ll have a high-risk pregnancy, you may require special monitoring. If you’re severely diabetic, insulin resistant, or have high blood pressure, ask your doctor if you should see a high-risk Ob/Gyn.

Read more about PCOS symptoms and treatments within FertilityAuthority's Ask Dr Fertility resource.

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i just found out I have PCOS about a year or so ago and I was told that it was so bad that they had to do surgery on it in order for us to have another baby. We have 2 sons and they tell me I have had it most of my life and I didnt even know about it. After the surgery the doc told me that it was too deep into the wall of the uterus that I have to have a complete hysterectomy but should beable to have one more kid. We have been trying to have another one after the surgery and we are unable to conceive. I am starting to get the pain back along with the big somach again. Its been 4 to 5 months since I had the surgery and my busband and I think its starting to come back and we dont think we will beable to have another baby. I have to see her at the end of the month and we may have to deside what we want to do and I dont want to make the decission on taking it out just yet but if she thinks its a good idea that we do it then thats what we may have to do. I love my sons and I would never change a thing.

I'm 28 now and i was diagnosed officially when I was 20. As a teen i always knew something was wrong, cause my cycles where just not how my friends were describing theirs. after years of Dr.'s and different medicines, I happened to find the one Dr. that could pin pint the problem. I was devastated at the time that i found out. I was newly married and really wanted to get started on a family. My husband at the time was not discouraged. Alas we tried for 5 years with no results. In the same five years the condition was out of control. I went into pre-menopaus at 22 and the Dr's had warned me that I would probably not conceive naturally. I was devastated again. Need less to say that because of the PCOS I just couldn't get pregnant even with all the tricks and healing we tried. This wore on the marriage and eventually we were divorced after just 5 years. I had pretty much came to the conclusion that i was never going to have a biological child and would never be pregnant. However, i kept the thought in my mind that there are other ways to be a mother, so this didn't discourage me from my dream. I began looking into adoption when i was single and on 24. I went on dates and worked, all the while i was looking into ways to adopt. I don't tell this story for all you girls to think this is all tragic, after all every cloud has it's rainbow.... in January, around my 25th birthday i had missed yet another monthly cycle. Not a big deal, since I just haven't had one in months, which as well all know is a common occurrence with PCOS. I began to feel tired and was vomiting, the flu i though. one of my girlfriends at the time joked that i could be pregnant, I laughed and told her that was totally impossible. She convinced me to take a test to prove that she was wrong and I was in fact NOT pregnant. 4 test later they were all the same, PREGNANT! I was in total shock, i called my Dr and told her. two days later she confirmed what i had been told for years was not going to happen. To boot I had conceived naturally, and in October I gave birth to a totally healthy son. such a miracle. My story is to give hope to all of you that were told u couldn't conceive. I had lost hope and gave up on my dream, but alas i was still lucky. I hope that no matter how hard it seems and how bad your condition is, that u never give up.

Thank you very much...Hope to c something good in future......

I see you posted this a few years ago, but I still have to say this to you: Thanks for giving me hope!!!! Your story has brought tears of joy to my eyes with the hope that it COULD happen even when the odds are against you! Thank you!! <3

I was in the same exact dilemma. For 6 years my ex husband tried and failed and on the 8th year when I was single again and hopeless I conceived naturally. Prayers work lets all give it a try. :)

I was diagnosed with pcos yesterday, and i was devastated, my husband and i have been trying for three years for a baby, we have seen different doctors but no one ever had an answer. i have most of the side effects. Everything that i hate about my body stems from this. i am so scared and my sister also has a lot of the side effects and i am scared for her as well. The web site helped a lot and i have a great support group but i just feel like giving up. My husband and i were high school sweet hearts and wanted a large family, now i am scared it won't happen. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and cancer also run strong in my family. I want to change my lifestyle to make life a little better but i am not sure what i should do.

just curious!

I was diagnosed several months ago with pcos and since I found out it has been hard because me and my new husband hae been trying for a little over a year to have a child. I have two boys already from my previous marriage I love them with all my heart but I never felt I had an issue with having another baby with my new husband until several months ago it has changed my life I have been taken all my medications as directed by the doctor and I know that I my just be rushing the whole idea but I am ready to have another baby and now I feel like I will never be able to give my new husband that has no kids at all a child. I hae not yet seeked another option from another doctor I guess I am afraid they will say the same thing. I hope and pray one day that it will happen for me im not sure what else I can do to make this happen for me and my family

i was diagnosed with the pcos about 2 years when i was 19 i am now 21 and me and my fiancé are now ready to have kids we have been trying for about the last year and I pray that there is something that can be done to ensure we will be able to have a family together

I have all the symptoms of POS and I'm going to the doctors tomorrow to see if I indeed do have it. I'm not ready to have children at this point in my life. The thought of possibly not being able to have children in the future is upsetting and unexpected, but there are so many children in the world that need a home. God must make these things happen for a reason, right?

Besides, there's nothing that appeals to me personally about ACTUALLY BEING pregnant. I can do without the stretch marks..

I hope you and your fiance can do it! I have faith that you and him can do it... Im in the same rollercoaster. I was diagnosed when i was 17

I was diagnosed with pcos about 4 years ago when i was 19. I am 23 now and i have been trying to get pregnant for about a year. I am really trying to find a doctor near me in my area that i can talk to about helping me conceive. My symptoms include: excessive hair growth on my chin and chest, irregular cycles and sometimes no cycle at all. By me being the only child i really want to be able to give my mother a grandchild. Thats one of her dreams. I love children with a passion and there is nothing more enjoyable then to be able to conceive and carry a child of your own. Please can u help me.

im 16 years old and just got diagnosed with pcos and my doctor told me that it will increase my chance of pregnancy and i dont think she is correct but i hope all of you that are trying succeed

I'm 28 soon 2b 29. After dating since I was 13, I have finally met the man I want to be with. We've already planned on getting married but we also want a baby. I've spoken to my OBGYN and he informed me that my PCOS is severe but nothing that can't be treated. I'm overweight, always have been and my PCOS symptoms have been the weight and slight facial hair. My doctor recommended that I get the lap band so I can drop the weight and then we can discuss a baby. My thing is, that isn't a permanent fix to the weight loss. I don't know how to loose the weight, I've been this way my entire life. Will I need those shots to concieve? Will I be able to do it naturally. I'm on metformin and the nuvaring which my cycles are pretty much regular after being on both for so long. I get my cycle regardless now. I am terrified that if we wait too long, I'll never be able to have a child, having a child is something I've wanted for sometime now and I've gotten over the stigma of waiting until after marriage. Although my doctor said if I wait it won't be a problem, I have this nagging feeling in my gut telling me, if I wait, it will be a problem. This wedding probably won't happen for another 2 years, should I wait? If not, how go I get pregnant....minus the obvious....I KNOW HOW!

I too was diagnosed with PCOS serveral years ago. I will be 30 this too and I too am over weight. My husband and I decided to try Clomid for 6 months in hopes of concieving a child, unfortunetly it did not work. THen I thought to myself, "why would I want to get pregnant being this heavy". So i stoped the treatments and told my Dr I was going to lose the weight. I did not go on any crazy diet plans. I signed up at my local gym and started working out 3-4 days a week for an hour. I started watching my food intake. I focused only on fruits, vegetables, whole wheat, whole grains and chicken. Instead of eating off a large dinner plate, I would use my salad plates to help control my food intake. I would eat 5 small meals through out the day. Dont get me wrong I have a very bad sweet tooth. So I occasionally had my fat free dove chocolates or anything else fat free, of course in small doses. After working out and watching what I was eating, I was able to lose 50 lbs. I also kept track of my calorie intake. VERY IMPORTANT. Everytime I saw something that I knew was bad and wanted to digest into my body, I just said to myself "nothing is worth ruining my chances at becoming a mother". That phrase helped my pass up alot of uneeded nasty food in my body. I am still currently losing weight, I have a goal to reach before I decide to add more weight onto my body. I hope this helps a little...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I found out I have PCOS about 6 months ago. I'm 21 and after 4 years of dating my boyfriend, I know we will get married, and just like you it will probably be 2 maybe even 3 years. After I found out that I had it, I started researching and it freaked me out when I read about infertility. My boyfriend and I both want children and wanted to wait until we are married.Then it occured to me that it could take a very long time to actually become pregnant especially if I have to do hormome treatment or other forms of treatment. I myself am over weight (about 20-30 lbs) always have been. I am on birth control and metformin and now have regular periods and lost 8lbs after one month on metformin. I to am scared and worried that I may never get pregnant, but its very nice to know that there are SOO many other people dealing with the same issue as I am, and to know that it IS possible to become pregnant with PCOS

i am 17 years old and i found out 6months ago that i have cist on my ovaries i hope that in life god does give me a kid i take metformin and i has already helped me some and i hope that this continues and gets better.My thoughts of the future have always been to have a baby one day.

I started showing signs of PCOS around the age of 18 but didn't get "officially" diagnosed until I was 24. I too was severely overweight due to the PCOS and was told that the reason for all of the signs for it was because I was overweight not because I had something keeping me overweight. The only way I started losing the weight and getting regular cycles was by visiting a naturopathic and following the strict diet she put me on. I hadn't had a period for over 6 months and after just being on the diet not the supplements I started to have regular monthly periods. I was working out like normal which is an hour 4 days a week and was losing about 10 lbs a month. Lap band surgery is more dangerous than any doctor will play it out to be. Lap band surgery than pregnancy after is even more dangers. I'm not saying it can't or anything like that but there are natural ways of HEALING your body rather than fixing the symptoms. I highly encourage anyone wanting to lose weight permanently and are wanting to conceive naturally to visit a naturopathic doctor and just hear them out take your medical records and see what they have to say. The goal of a naturopathic doctor is that you have a fixed not to put you on another pill. I know it has been almost 2 years since you posted so I hope this finds you in good health and hopefully pregnant or a momma by now. :)

I was diagnosed with pcos a year ago after 8 years of odd cycles and every other symptom. i was told i would need treatment and possibly fertility specialists, and even then it might not be possible to get pregnant. i was devastated to hear having children would be impossible or extremely difficult and i eventually gave up on the idea of being a mom. i recently found out that i am pregnant and i just want all of you to have hope. surprises and miracles happen everyday and i hope all of you get yours, im due in december so keep me and my baby in your thoughts we need all the help we can get.

im so happy for you. ive been diagnosed with it about 6 months ago and my husband doesnt have any kids but i have an 8 year old girl. reading what you said i feel like i have hope again. im just about ready to give up. it gets to be too depressing for me. but i wil have you in my prayers!!

i was diagnosed with pcos about 8 months ago i was heart broken because i wanted another baby and know with this i feel its impossible to do.The doctor put me on prometrium which i feel is kinda working but not as good as i would like it to.i have uncontrolled weight gain,abnormale hair growth no periods and cysts on my ovaries and i dont know what i should do im only 26 years old.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17 years old and am now 26, I have been taking medications Metformin to be exact. They have done studies that showed that this helps women with PCOS get preganant and though it hasn't been successful for me (as I've not actively been trying to get pregnant for financial reasons) it did work for my cousin in about three months or maybe 4. I have all of the same things that you do weight gain hair growth and period issues and cysts too. My ovaries are actually larger than my uterus at this point. I am seeking a secon opinion on Monday from another DR after 10 years with the same doctor I am ready to know more. I cried when I found out and still cry now at the thought of not being able to have my own children. Ask your dr about the metorformin and see if that is right for you.

A little faith goes along way.

I was diagnosed with pcos when I was 23, I am now 27. I dont have unusual hair growth, but I do have crazy periods, my weight goes up and down alot and much more. Sometimes I have more than one period a month sometimes for only a few days, one my period lasted for almost five months. I get really bad abdominal pains and as embrassing as it sounds i get boils in the inner thigh of my legs sometimes. Thats what made the doctors check me for pocs. Anywas Ive wanted a baby for so long! I love children and Im afraid I will never have them bc of our condition! Im already 27. Ive been with the same man for 11 years and for like 10 years we havent prevented from getting pregnant nor plan but just hoped one day it will happen before I get to old at that! Its very stressful and devestating! I find myself depressed about it! All we can do is wait and hope I guess!

I was diagnosticated with pcos 4 months ago me and my husband were very exited thinking I was pregnant but all my pregnacy test tead negative I went to the doctor and after many tests she told me I had that. I'm very upset since i wanted a baby so bad after that that i lost my job so I got more depress I hope some day I will be able to have a wonderful baby.

My daughter has pcos and has gone through fertility treatments for years off and on ,never got pregnant. her drs. told her it would help to loose weight. although the pcos made it hard. She had the gastric sleeve done. lost 90lbs and conceived. she is 7 months preg. we give God all the glory. He ultimately allowed this gift. It is very discouraging to try so hard to have a child and feel so helpless. I pray for all of you that God will give a blessing of a child because children are a true blessing from God.

The best way to have a spontaneous successful ovulation that will result in pregnancy is to LOSE WEIGHT. Losing 10-30 pounds or more depending on how overweight you are can trigger an ovulation. But the most important thing to do if you have pcos is to live as if you are already diabetic, whether you are yet or not. If you stop eating sugar, count your calories and carbs and drop some weight, along with taking metformin if your doctor prescribes it, then you will have the best chances of improving your health and getting pregnant. Exercise can cure PCOS in overweight insulin resistant and diabetic women. There is not enough I can say about how important diet and exercise are when you have pcos. It's depressing and difficult to live your whole life on a diabetic diet and have to monitor your health so closely, but if you have pcos or insulin resistance at any age then you can't afford not to. I was born insulin resistant and was obese by age 5. I have been obese my whole life. After years of continuing to eat sugar and pretend there was nothing wrong with me and only taking the metformin when i felt like it, I found myself at 350 pounds and lost the feeling in my feet. Then it was clear I was a full blown diabetic and if i didn't change I was going to die. I always figured I was a humpback freak ( seeing as insulin resistance causes upper body obesity) with skin tags and a black neck and irregular periods who was obviously just going to be fat, miserable, and infertile, but when I got diabetic nerve damage in my feet that was going to permanently disable my life I knew I had to change. I have finally lost almost 100 pounds and am now pregnant. So I will tell you what they should have told me over and over throughout my childhood that they were beating around the bush about, IF YOU EAT SUGAR AND STAY FAT YOU WILL ONLY GET FATTER AND FATTER UNTIL YOU GET DIABETES AND THEN YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FEET, KIDNEYS, AND EYES. BY THAT TIME THE PCOS AND INFERTILITY WILL BE THE LEAST OF YOUR WORRIES, SO STOP EATING REFINED SUGAR AND START EXERCISING. The damage in my feet is irreversible, but i can prevent it from getting worse, and if I control my blood sugar and keep from gaining weight then I will have the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and being able to have more children and live to care for them. So whether you're 14 or 34, take control of this now. If you still have the chance to prevent diabetes then please don't pass it up. If you happen to not be overweight, then stay that way because the longer you are insulin resistant the closer you are to diabetes and the easier it is to gain weight. Diet and exercise are still paramount to regulate your body. Best of Luck to all from a lifetime sufferer of pcos who thought losing weight and having children were impossible for me.

I totally agree with this poster. I was blessed 11 and 14 yrs ago with my children, I always wanted another but was unable. I have never (since giving birth to my 11 yr old) had regular periods. I had many gyn visits, ultra sounds, etc. My doctors always thought it was related to my hypothyroidism. Last year after losing most of my vision, and numerous other symptoms I checked my blood sugar and it was over 400. My doctor put me on metformin, I started on 1000mg 2 times a day, bystolic, because my blood pressure was extremely high. Shortly after beginning the metformin, I started haveing regular periods. My dr. casually mentioned he thought I had PCOS. I also, as the other poster said, cut the carb and sugar. I monitored my blood sugar very carefullly and was able in about six months to completely give up both the metformin and the bystolic, I lost 70lbs, just from the change in my diet. I had "reversed" my diabetes. That being said I chose to stay on the metformin in a much lower dose....Long story short, or shorter...It has been less than a year and I am pregnant. So there is hope, but please get the information for yourself. If I had followed many of the "diabetic diets" out there I would not have gotten anywhere.

Is it narmole to want kids real bad with PCOS? Latly i been want to get pregnet every time i see bay stuff or a baby. Is that normel.

im 21 n found out that i have pcos in october of last year... it has to be normale to want a baby that bad... cause its always in the back of my mind what it i cant have a baby... im the same way when i see baby stuff or babies... its really hard too because i work at a day care... i cry alot thinkin that i wont be able to. i am currently on metphormin n since october i have lost about thirty pounds... i guess im on the right track because now i have my period every month... i was just researching the medcine when i found this page. im happy i did... i always felt crazy about the way i feel n how sad i get all the time... its nice to know im not alone with the way i feel... i wish every one luck in your hopes n efferts... i can say one thing that keeps me going is praying... i pray every day that God will give me a baby... i know it seems crazy since i am kinda young... but i want a baby so bad... both of my cousins wifes have been able to concieve with metformin...

I'm 27 years old and have a 7 year old daughter, my husband and I have been trying to have another baby for 5 years now. I have pcos, I been on clomid for 6 months now and I just got on Medforne. Hopefully we can have another baby soon.

I was diagnosed about two and a half years ago with PCOS. I'm engaged to be married and this has been affecting me more than I thought it would. Before I met my fiance, I just thought "Okay, I'll deal with it when I get to that point in my life"... Now that I'm at that point though, all I get from the issue is deep sadness. I've always wanted a big family, to be a soccer mom who loves every minute of life. Now, although I can't complain about what I've made of a life for myself; I still somehow feel empty. Everytime someone I know gets pregnant I breakdown and think why is she pregnant and terrified when I would give anything just to carry my own child inside of me without worrying about a high risk pregnancy or never even getting THAT chance. . Well, enough of my venting.. I recently started looking for more information on PCOS just to see how common it is and I stumbled across this website. I just want to say.. Please keep posting. Just hearing everyone's success stories and hardships shows us all that we are not alone. That even in our darkest moments someone can be there with hope. Thank all of you for posting, you give me strength.

I am so glad I found this website. I felt completely alone when I found out I had PCOS. My husband and I have been married two years and last year in September I decided to get off the pill. I have had 1 period since then and it was very light. The doctor diagnosed me and put me on Metformin. I am overweight 202 :( and I was told it would help me lose weight as well as conceive. So far I have been on it for a month and lost 4 lbs not much but hoping for more. We have to keep faith in God that he has a plan for us all. He would not put us through anything we can't handle. We will all get what we need! Good luck!

I said the same thing i thought i was alone. I was telling my mother you just dont know how it feels. But im on the same medicine and i was 170 in May now im 135 so all i keep telling myself is that God will send me one of his angels when hes ready for me to have them.Good luck with everything and hope he blesses you with one of hes angels.

can having ovarian cyst interfier with pregnancy tests

im 19 yrs old n i have been diagnosed with pcos and i was told that i couldnt have children in that broke my heart to this day i still think about it but my obgyn keep putn me on different birth control to c wud that help but its not i really want children of my own this is just so hard for me i need more help n advice can somebody help me......

i can relate!! though they havent told me that i couldnt get pregnat yet i know the felling of hopelessness!!! i was diagnosed at 20 i have been trying the past year with my fiance of 3yrs and we still havent gotton pregnant!! and it breaks my heart but i always remain hopefull and have faith that God will see me through this challenge, and if it be his will then i well be blessed with a family(: all you can do is take it one day at a time and do all the things youre Dr's tell you to do!!(: so stay positive gurl. Sinceraly, Anita.

hey i understand it is hard. and my heart goes out to u. im 23 and i struggle with it everyday. im currently with some one that has kids. and now i have more physical problems. my lower back kills me by the second and my stomach is blowing up like it did when i first got diagnosed. scared to go to the doctor. ive had this for 4 yrs going on 5. im angry everyday because i don't understand, and although i have strength n faith im still only human. i had this big dream growing up that i8d go to school get a car have a job kids home i mean you name it. i had the 5yr plan so i thought. but finished high school and my plan was done in a matter of 2yrs. got my own apartment got into college finished, got a car and i felt like the only thing missing was kids. finally went to the doctor the beginning of this yr and they re-diagnosed me, the excessive hair growth on my face and chest. ppl asking me am i a man. gaining weight by the day it seems like and the doctor put me on metiformin. which is supposed to be speeding my metabolism helping me lose weight and getting prego!!!! which it hasn't done neither... its very overwhelming i knew i had this back in 07 when the hospital sent me home telling me i had a simple cyst. its so hard not to b pissed everyday for the doctors that didn't take the time out to diagnose me properly. but ive read plenty of comments on here and im going to try n used some of the advice that was giving. i try to stay positive as mush as possible. that's all u can do n fight it!!!! if u not on metiformin ask ur doc asap!!!!! u just have to figure things out from there. the best of luck to u hunny bun i wish u luck

im 19 to in i found out i was dignosed with pcos when i was 16 it broke my heart to find out i will never have kids all i can say is keep praying in stay in contact with the doctor

I'm 25 years old and I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2009.
I recently got married in June of 2010 and of course my husband and I are talking about having children later. I don't want to start having kids in my thirties and now is not good time for us because of finances, but because of the PCOS I'm concerned about my ability to get pregnant in the future.

Aside from having PCOS I also have Hypothyroidism. It stated in the article that women with PCOS can be diabetic or prediabetic, but I am neither and am on Fortamet, a brand of Metformin, because the brand name Meformin made me severly ill.

I am over weight, but not severly, and have started a work out regiment that I know can only be beneficial, but it's hard to loose weight. Of course it is for everyone, but I fully felt the issue while on a hardcore regiment before I got married. While I did cut my calories and worked out over an hour 3 times a week with a trainer, the other women in the same group lost 20 to 30 pounds while I only lost 18 throughout the 3 months I was on it. It was beneficial to go, I lost weight and felt good, but Hypothyroidism is a real downer. It made my trainer think I wasn't sticking to my diet, though I wrote everything down in my food journal that he checked.

Hypothyroidism can cause depression, fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, cravings for salty food, sleeplessness, and having it on top of the PCOS, I really worry.

If anyone can give a little hope, it will be appreciated.

Hi, my name is Anita im 21yrs old my fiance & Tim and I have been together almost 3yrs, it was love at 1st sight and for the past year we've been trying to get pregnant, after many attempts and no success we finally decided to go to an OBGYN Dr and sadly found out I was not concieving due to haven a mild case of POS. after finding this out i was heartbroken, i pray everyday that God will grant us with an amazing miracle and give us the privledge of being the great parents i know we can be and are ment to be. some days i feel like giving up!! but we keep trying, right now im on metforman and it hasnt been working but i hope within the next 5 yrs to be blessed with a family(:

Hi Anita - I can't stress how important it is that you see a fertility doctor (reproductive endocrinologist) rather than an ob/gyn. A fertility doctor is trained to deal with issues such as PCOS and can make recommendations and work with you on a treatment plan to help you get pregnant. You don't need to give up - instead you need to be proactive. There's a find a doctor search on every page of to help you get started.

Good luck!

Hi my name is Emily, i am 19 and i was diagnosed with PCOS about 6 months ago and me and my fiance are wanting to have kids. I have tried metformin with no success and i am not on phentramine to help me loose weight. I also cant take any medication with hormones n then because of my rare blood clotting disorder (PT20210) and nothing is working i was going to talk to my doctor about starting clomid and seeing what her thoughts on that were. When i found out i have PCOS my doctor told me that there is a higher chance for me that it can turn cancerous. It is my life long dream to start a family. and now there is a low chance i will be able to and it crushes me. I am having a really hard time dealing with all of this especially because every one around e is getting pregnant. I have all of the typical symptoms of hair growth weight gain and pain. Although my symptoms are not very sever i have a bad case f PCOS and i have not been able to find a support group in my area to go to. My family and friends don't realize that i need there support and its heart breaking so i only have the support from my fiance. If you have any ideas of medication i can try with out hormones in them i would greatly appreciate your advice.

Thank you,
Emily A.

Hi Emily - It's understandable that you're having such a hard time dealing with your PCOS! I'm so sorry. First, you want to make sure you're getting the right treatment. You should definitely see a fertility doctor, known as a reproductive endocrinologist. A fertility doctor is specially trained to treat these problems. You can search for a doctor on, and when you find one in your area you should schedule a consultation. Ask the fertility doctor specific questions about your diagnosis at the consultation, and be sure to bring your medical records with you.

Second, you are right that you should find some support. Visit which is an online community focused on fertility and infertility. There are discussions specifically for women like you who have PCOS - a good place for information and support. Also, many fertility clinics have or know of support groups.

I wish you the best of luck. Please keep us posted.


I would go see a doctor but i dont have insurance any more and dont have the money to go. Im stuck and would really like to find something that will help with my PCOS and the pain.

My name is Cindy. Im Getting married in September and was diagnosed with PCOS. I have no symtoms. I'm 115 pounds normal for my height and no pain and no abnormal hair growth. I don't even have the severe pain that most women ahve. The only symptoms that i have are abnormal periods. I was on several different birthcontrols and even the deppo shot. But now im off all birth control. I'm just trying to let God take over. I dont think its healthy to stay on the pill that long. I want a baby more than anything and its desvastating that that i may not be able to have a baby. I just don't understand.

I am 25 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 4 years ago. I am married with two wonderful children,my husband and I are trying for one more....however I feel like its never going to happen. PCOS has really changed my life-facial and body hair, weight gain...inability to lose weight and get pregnant) Sometimes I just feel so depressed..I am very self concious abot the facial and body hair...there are days when I dont want to leave the house.....any advice?

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time . You really should see a fertility doctor - also known as a reproductive endocrinologist. A fertility doctor can help you manage PCOS symptoms and help you get pregnant. I really encourage you to get some help for your PCOS. There is a Find a Clinic search on every page of our website - most fertility doctors are experienced in dealing with PCOS; you should ask about the fertility doctor's experience when you are considering which fertility clinic or doctor to see.

I also encourage you to check out the PCOS forums on to connect with other women who are in a similar situation.

Good luck!

Far all of you women out there with PCOS... I hope I can make you feel better. PCOS doesn't mean you can't or won't get pregnant. It only means it's much harder at times. I am 27, and have three children. I was diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago, after my husband and I tried for three years to get pregnant. I went on Metformin, and became pregnant not too long later. Last June, we had a miscarriage. Currently, I have just found out I am pregnant again (A VERY big shock may I add!) I lost 40 Pounds, and it was quite instant when I got pregnant. Losing weight is a HUGE thing to aid in becoming pregnant. My big fear right now is the miscarriage factor since having PCOS, you are at a much higher risk (45-50%) Just relax, and don't think about getting pregnant. The more you think ,the more your body just seems to fight you. Have some faith, and in the end, whatever is meant to be will be. I wish all of you the best of luck and I'm thinking of you all :)

I was diagnosed with pcos about 4 years ago and I am almost 29 now and my husband and I really want kids but it hasnt happened after trying for 7 years. I am getting very discouraged but I have to keep going and remember that when it is Gods time it will happen. I probably should try clomid but I cant afford and we have no insurance but that dont matter b/c most insurances wldnt pay for it anyway. Keep praying girls and keep the faith hopefully we all will get what we want. I have no kids at all and my husband dont either so that is really dishearting to me and him although he dont talk about it but i guess thats a man thing. I just wish I could have just 1 baby and I will be satisfied!!

i was diagnosed with pcos since i was 18 years old i got married we was trying to have kids and my husband left me. so i got married again at 20 we was trying to have kids for one year and no luck i went to the dr they prescribe me metformin and clomid i got preg. when i as 3 month i lost it so i trying again the same meds i get preg. 6 time and i keep lossing it im 25 years old im using the same meds again and i cant get pregnant the dr. keep saying nothing wrong with me i really want to have kids


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