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Fertility Doctor

A fertility doctor, also known as a reproductive endocrinologist, has advanced medical training to diagnose and treat infertility.

Fertility Doctor Articles

Even though a physician spends more than seven years in medical school, internship and residency, he or she will receive just a few weeks of training in infertility. This is why it is important for couples who have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for a year or more (if the woman is under 35) or six months or more (if the woman is over 35) should seek out a fertility doctor, also called a reproductive endocrinologist (RE).

Once you have decided to transition your care to a fertility doctor, you next need to make the important decision regarding which one to choose. Choosing a fertility doctor is an important step. One way to gain a better understanding of the fertility doctors you are considering is to schedule an initial fertility consultation.

If you are under 35 and have been trying to get pregnant for one year, or if you are 35 or older and have been trying to get pregnant for six months, you should see a doctor who specializes in infertility — a reproductive endocrinologist (RE).

Fertility Doctor Videos

Do All Fertility Clinics Offer Genetic Testing on Embryos?

E. Scott Sills, M.D. a fertility doctor with HRC Fertility discusses if many fertility clinics offer Genetic testing on embryos.

What Are the Latest Advances in IVF?

Fertility doctor Alan Penzias, M.D. of Boston IVF discusses the latest advances in IVF. Through advances in technology, we a now have the ability to very accurately measure response to hormone treatment with a saliva test, which makes treatment more accessible, minimally invasive and reduces the fear of fertility therapy.

Video: When Should a Woman Consult a Fertility Doctor, or Reproductive Endocrinologist?

Dr. Arthur Wisot of Reproductive Partners Medical Group explains when a woman should seek a consultation with a fertility doctor, or reproductive endocrinologist.