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Gender Selection

Gender selection, also known as family balancing, using Preimplantation Genetic Screening allows you to choose the sex of your baby.

Gender Selection Articles

A couple has 50% chance of having either sex child in natural conception. Being that females carry two X chromosomes, passing one of those X chromosomes onto their child, it is up to the male partner to pass either an X chromosome or Y chromosome to determine the sex of the baby. An XX chromosome pair results in a baby girl and an XY chromosome pair results in a baby boy.

In unassisted conception, a couple has 50% chance of having a boy, and 50% chance of having a girl. The sex of the child is determined by the male partner, as females carry two X chromosomes and males carry an X and a Y chromosome. Depending on which chromosome the sperm carries, the child could be male or female.

However, parents can choose the sex of their child using gender selection techniques with the help of a fertility doctor.

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Why Do Couples Use Gender Selection?

Gender selection is a personal reproductive choice, and it is a decision that should be made only after taking a number of factors into consideration. Dr. Michael Mersol-Barg, Director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and Michigan Egg Bank explains.

Video: What is PGD for Gender Selection?

PGD, or preimplantation genetic diagnosis screens embryos and allows your fertility doctor to replace one healthy embryo of the sex you desire. Dr. Daniel Potter of HRC Fertility explains.