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Male Infertility

Male infertility can be caused by problems with sperm count, movement or shape, as well as blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm.

Male Infertility Articles

Male infertility affects approximately two million men annually. There are several medical conditions that could lead to male infertility. Medical factors of male infertility include Azoospermia, Hypospadia and more.

Interpreting a semen analysis report, for the average couple, is confusing and leaves many of us scouring the internet to see what it all means. Here’s a quick reference guide that will help you feel less like you’re studying rocket science and more equipped to talk sperm like the pros.

A varicocele is similar to varicose veins in your legs and forms when veins in the scrotum become enlarged. Blood can no longer flow properly, so the blood backs up and causes swelling and widening of the veins. A varicocele is a common cause of male infertility, since it can lead to low sperm production and decreased sperm quality.

Male Infertility Videos

How are Varicoceles Repaired?

Jeremy Kaufman M.D. at Men’s Health & Fertility Center of Fairfield County discusses how Varicoceles are repaired.

Video: What is Sperm DNA Fragmentation Screening?

With much of the focus on female infertility, it is difficult to understand the causes of male infertility. Dr. Don Evenson of SCSA Diagnostics, Inc. explains Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing for determining male factor infertility.