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Sperm Donation

Donated sperm can be used in a variety of ways to help single women and couples build families.

Sperm Donation Articles

If you’ve decided on the donor sperm path to parenthood, your next step is choosing a donor. This can be an arduous, yet exciting step.

Deciding whether to use donor sperm can usher in emotional, practical and legal concerns. But it also opens the door to parenthood for thousands of people each year.

In October 2011, several stories were in the news about free sperm donors who didn’t insist on anonymity and interviewed Beth Gardner who started the Free Sperm Donor Registry.

Sperm Donation Videos

Who Are Men that Are Donating Sperm?

Michelle Ottey at Fairfax Cryobank discusses who are the men that are Donating Sperm.

How Are Sperm Donors Screened?

Michelle Ottey at Fairfax Cryobank discusses How to screen Sperm Donors.

What Are Anonymous Sperm Donors and ID Option Donors?

Michelle Ottey at Fairfax Cryobank discusses what are anonymous sperm donors and ID option donors.