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03/27/2015 by Tara Mae Mulroy

A blog by Tara Mae Mulroy, March 27, 2015

There can be nothing that seems more damning, more like an awful curse than when you've reached that year of unsuccessful trying if you are 35 or younger or six months if you are 36 and older, and your doctor diagnoses you with infertility.

I remember meeting with a fertility physician for the first time after our first consecutive year of trying and him saying, "Well, you're infertile. Time to talk about other options." That /word/. The "i" word. I have a friend who is trying to conceive, either naturally, if possible, or with the help of IVF after her husband's vasectomy reversal, and she doesn't even want the word said around her. She believes in the power of words and how they can define our realities and us.