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Welcome to Fertility Authority's fertility pdf free information resource center. Right-click on each fertility resource of interest to you to view the downloadable pdf file. You can then read this fertility information online, save it to your desktop or print it. Enjoy!

Understanding Gender Selection

Consulting With A Fertility Dr

Understanding Tubal Reversal

Understanding Surrogacy

Using Donor Egg

Paying for Infertility Treatment

Understanding Egg Freezing

Understanding IUI

Understanding IVF

When Should You See a Fertility Doctor

Your Menstrual Cycle

Zinc & Fertility


Comments (5)

Hi my name is Kanika and me and my fiancee have been trying for 3year to get pregnant but nothing seems to work and I am getting scared because I am only 28years old with 1 kid and would love to have 2 more before I am 35 so if there is and doctor out there that can help please cause I get tired of crying everyday .

Hi, Thanks for answered me. I already have 3 teens,but I think for my age of 42 I can not get pregnant again. I'm not sure I went to my OB and she tell me that I can but I can't. So my husband is in depress thinking that is his fault. what can I do can you please tell me something. we didn't when any place for him, he is me now. thank you for your time.

Hey Nancy - Unfortunately, there is a sharp decline in a woman’s ability to achieve pregnancy over age forty. Particularly if you're over the age of 42, doctors typically recommend considering using donor eggs. However, you have to do what you feel comfortable with. There are a few open to working though with women over 42 using their eggs but it may entail traveling. If you'd like me to find you an RE to discuss all of your options, you can email me at

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