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Acupuncture for Male and Female Infertility

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Fertility patients are increasingly turning to holistic treatments as an adjunct to Western fertility treatments to help them conceive. Studies have shown increased pregnancy rates with IVF when acupuncture is administered before and after embryo transfer. This may be due to acupuncture’s effects on hormone levels, increased blood flow to the uterus and reduced stress.

And acupuncture for fertility is not just for women. “We encourage men in our practice to work with an acupuncturist to increase sperm quality,” says Dr. Hal Danzer, Co-founder and partner of Southern California Reproductive Center. “There are a few studies suggesting improved sperm count with acupuncture treatments, however it was unclear if pregnancy rates increased, because the number of men in the studies was small,” he explains.

As for whether acupuncture will help you conceive without fertility treatments, it’s dependent on a number of factors. “If a woman is not ovulating, there is blockage of the fallopian tubes, if a patient is older than 35 years old, or if a man’s sperm count is very low, traditional medical therapy should be combined with acupuncture,” Danzer says.

Prior to undergoing any treatment for infertility – Eastern, Western, or otherwise - both partners should complete a fertility evaluation to determine the specific cause of infertility.

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