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The Advocacy Sessions

by Barbara Collura

What do we want? Insurance coverage!

When do we want it? Now!

We will continue to work on a federal bill requiring insurance coverage for infertility treatment even if takes 15 years of advocacy efforts—like it did to secure passage of Connecticut’s state law mandating coverage!

That’s right. Insurance coverage mandates through the U.S. legislative process do not happen overnight. But that is not a reason to feel discouraged; it is a reason to feel empowered!

Currently 15 states have mandates—and now is not the time to stop advocating or making our collective voice heard.

How can you help? Let your Senator know that you support SB 1258—the Family Building Act of 2009—which would require coverage for the treatment of infertility. You can send an email directly to your Senator by clicking on this link.

Additionally, consider becoming an advocate by helping spread the word. Talk to your family, friends, doctors, therapists—anyone who supports you during your family building journey. And talk to others with infertility through online communities or a support group if you belong to one. Together our voice is louder and can make a bigger impact.

If you live in a state with insurance mandates that provide coverage for your infertility treatment, you can thank the hundreds of advocates that have come before you.

And remember, what you do today will help others in the future.

Barbara Collura is Executive Director of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. For more information about RESOLVE and its advocacy efforts, visit If you are interested in being an advocate for infertility issues, contact

15 mandates and counting!

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