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Asheville Fertility Clinic Success Rates

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Comparing success rates of fertility clinics you are interested in working with is an important step. You can find the information in the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report. Produced by the CDC, this report breaks up success rates by different kinds of IVF procedures.

Asheville Fertility Clinic Data

The following table lists the success rates for the fertility clinic in Asheville using fresh, non-donor eggs.

Clinic Name City Number of Cycles by Age Live Birth Rate By Age (%)
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44
Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group, PA GREENVILLE 73 27 14 3 3 57.5 29.6 3 / 14 0 / 3 1 / 3

*Note: Reporting for Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group reflects the entire practice which is headquartered in Greenville, SC. Asheville patient data is included in these numbers.

Fertility Clinic Success Rates Make Up Only Part of the Equation

While fertility clinic success rates are an important part in choosing a fertility clinic, they should not be the other factors taken into consideration. It is important to understand that fertility clinics have become competitive about their success rates, and try to do what they can to make their rates higher.

In order to better their success rates, some fertility clinics are selective about the types of patients they accept. For instance, some may not accept patients with certain diagnoses that may make treatment more difficult. Other prefer to work with patients of a certain age.

When you are reading the success rates, be sure to pay close attention to the age breakdowns. The ART Report breaks down IVF procedures using fresh, non-donor eggs by age. Look to see if the fertility clinic you are considering performs a good number of IVF cycles for women in your age group.