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Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys in Brooklyn

A new field of law has developed to keep up with the new advancements in the field of reproductive technology.

This type of law is called family building law, or assisted reproductive technology law, and if you’re planning on undergoing certain ART procedures, it’s vital that find an attorney who specializes in this field.

Attorneys in the field of family building law can help you navigate the legal issues that come with third-party assisted reproduction, such as surrogacy or egg donation. They can draw up contracts to clarify custody of the child and detail payment/expenses information.

ART Law Practices in Brooklyn

There are currently no family building attorneys in Brooklyn who are members of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys. However, the following attorneys practice in Manhattan:

  • Robin A. Fleischner
  • Rebecca L. Mendel

Surrogacy Agreements in New York

Brooklyn residents looking to embark upon a surrogacy process have an added legal concern: according to New York law, surrogacy contracts are considered void and unenforceable, and there are penalties for both entering into one or arranging one.

State law prohibits New York residents from serving as surrogates, so if you want to work with a surrogate, she must reside out of state.

Because of the New York laws on surrogacy, it is especially vital that you retain the services of a reproductive law attorney. He or she can help you navigate the legal waters and help protect your rights throughout the process.


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