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Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys in Hartford and New Haven

The field of assisted reproduction has grown over the past couple of decades, and with it, a host of new legal questions have been raised.

In order to deal with the questions that have come up because of these third-party assisted reproduction techniques, a field of law called assisted reproductive technology law, or family building law, has developed. Attorneys who specialize in this field of law are specially trained for the unique legal concerns that come with ART.

ART Law Practices in Hartford and New Haven

Currently, there are no family building attorneys who are members of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Attorneys in Hartford County or New Haven County. However, there are two attorneys in other parts of Connecticut:

  • Victoria T. Ferrara, Fairfield, CT
  • Donald B. Sherer, Stamford, CT

Surrogacy Agreements in Hartford and New Haven

Surrogacy is widely considered the most legally complex of the ART techniques, since another woman--not an intended parent--is bearing the child.

There are no Connecticut laws that deal specifically with surrogacy, though court law does seem to look favorably upon surrogacy agreements. So before you begin the surrogacy process, it is very important that you retain the services of a family-building attorney.

Your assisted reproductive technology attorney will draw up a surrogacy agreement, a document that will clarify that the surrogate does not intend to seek custody of the child. It will also clarify the compensation for the surrogate, including additional fees and payment dispersal.


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