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Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys in Virginia

The field of assisted reproductive technology has allowed many individuals and couples achieve their dream of having a child.

But as the field has developed, legal questions have arisen, especially regarding third-party procedures like surrogacy. Attorneys are now specializing in a field of law called family building law or assisted reproductive technology law in order to protect your rights throughout the process.

ART Law Practices in Virginia

The following attorneys in Virginia are members of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys:

  • Mark L. Eckman, Vienna, VA
  • Stanton E. Phillips, Tysons Corner, VA
  • Rodney M. Poole, Richmond, VA
  • Colleen Marea Quinn, Richmond, VA

Surrogacy Agreements in Virginia

Surrogacy agreements are legal in Virginia, as long as certain conditions are met. First, Virginia law applies to married heterosexual couples, compensation for the surrogate is restricted to medical and ancillary expenses, and the intended parents must wait until three days after the birth for the surrogate to relinquish parental rights.

Because there are many stipulations to Virginia surrogacy law, it is vital you retain the services of a reproductive law attorney. He or she can explain how the state laws relate to your situation, and what you must do to remain protected through the process.


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