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Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys in Wyoming

If you are considering a third-party assisted reproductive technology procedure—like egg donation or surrogacy—you may have wondered whether you should speak first with an attorney. Retaining the counsel of attorneys who specialize in family building law or reproductive technology law is vital for anyone interested in these procedures.

This field of law has continued to grow and evolve as ART procedures have become more common. Speaking with an attorney who specializes in this field is important because they will work to protect your rights and that of your child.

ART Law Practices in Wyoming

Retaining the counsel of an attorney who specializes in assisted reproduction is important if you are considering a procedure such as surrogacy or egg donation. Your attorney can help protect your rights—as well as that of the surrogate or egg donor—by drawing up a contract that clearly states your rights and obligations, as well as those of the third party.

Currently, there are no reproductive law attorneys in Wyoming who are members of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys. If you are interested in learning more about potential attorneys in your area, contact your fertility doctor for a recommendation.

Surrogacy Agreements in Wyoming

Because there are no official laws in Wyoming that prohibit surrogacy, it seems as if surrogacy and surrogacy agreements are permitted. So if you are considering using surrogacy, make sure to retain the services of a reproductive law attorney before beginning the process.

Your reproductive law attorney will draw up a surrogacy agreement that will clearly spell out the rights of the intended parents and the rights of the surrogate. Perhaps most importantly, it will state that the surrogate does not intend to seek custody of the resulting child. Surrogacy agreements will also cover other factors such as payment schedules and fees.


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