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Atlanta Attorneys Offer Legal Assistance in Building Families

Fertility treatments can become very complex when a third party is involved — as in the case of egg donation, , or surrogacy. A lawyer who specializes in Reproductive Technology Law, sometimes referred to as Family Building Law, can be important in protecting your interests. Your lawyer can draw up legally-binding contracts stating your rights and responsibilities, as well as clarifying the rights and obligations of the third party, such as the donor or surrogate. Your lawyer can also help you deal with insurance issues and those dealing with excess embryos.

Atlanta Law Practices

Retaining a reproductive law attorney beforehand can protect you from legal problems that may crop up afterward. The following attorneys in the Atlanta area specialize in reproductive law.

  • Claiborne & Surmay, P.C.
  • Sara M. Clay, P.C.
  • Rhonda Fishbein
  • Hedgepeth & Heredia LLC
  • Barbara E. Katz, P.C.


Surrogacy is considered the most legally-complex of the fertility treatment options. It is important you retain the services of a reproductive lawyer before you begin the surrogacy process.

There are no explicit laws banning surrogacy or surrogacy agreements in Georgia, so your reproductive lawyer can draw up a surrogacy agreement. This surrogacy agreement states the rights and responsibilities of each party. It is made clear that the surrogate will not seek custody of the child and does not have any legal rights to the child.

Your surrogacy agreement will also discuss surrogacy fees. It will discuss when the base fee will be dispersed, and may include information on additional fees, which can include reimbursement for transportation, invasive procedures, or multiple births.


If you are considering adoption, an adoption lawyer can also help you throughout the process. Whether you are considering a domestic or international adoption, your adoption lawyer will help you understand the risks involved, and how they vary pertaining to your state.

Your adoption lawyer will draft a post-adoption agreement, which clearly states the role, if any, the birth parents will play in the child’s life.