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Atlanta Fertility Clinic Success Rates

When you are looking to choose a fertility clinic, you will undoubtedly turn to success rates to help you make your decision. The Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report, produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is an important tool because it lists the success rates for every fertility clinic in the United States.

Not only does the ART Report list the live birth success rates for IVF, but it also provides a wealth of other relevant information. The ART Report includes personal data from each fertility clinic, such as what kinds of diagnoses it treats and demographic information about patients it accepts. For instance, this includes whether each clinic treats single women, uses donor eggs and embryos, and if they have verified lab accreditation.

The ART Report is also very helpful because it allows you to compare success rates for situations similar to your own. Each category of success rates, such as through IVF or frozen egg IVF, is broken into success rates by age group.

Atlanta Fertility Clinic Data

The following table presents data for fertility clinics in Atlanta for IVF cycles using fresh, non-donor eggs.

Clinic Name City Number of Cycles by Age Live Birth Rate By Age (%)
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44
Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine ATLANTA 245 126 85 38 8 35.9 27.8 31.8 34.2 1 / 8
Emory Reproductive Center ATLANTA 55 35 39 12 9 70.9 54.3 25.6 4 / 12 1 / 9
Georgia Reproductive Specialists ATLANTA 113 65 80 24 3 50.4 32.3 16.3 4.2 0 / 3
Reproductive Biology Associates ATLANTA 232 131 161 61 15 40.5 31.3 21.7 14.8 1 / 15

Fertility Clinic Success Rates Make Up Only Part of the Equation

Fertility clinic success rates are not the only factors you should take into consideration when choosing a fertility clinic. It is important to understand that these clinics are very competitive about their success rates. In order to achieve the highest success rates, fertility clinics often look to ways to boost their success. For instance, some may only accept patients with certain conditions and may not treat women with diagnoses that may make it more difficult to conceive.

Because of this, it is important to read the ART Report carefully. Look at the success rates for women in your age group. If a clinic boasts high success rates, but treats only a handful of women around your age, it may not be best equipped for your particular concerns.

Instead of focusing only on success rates, make sure to take other things into consideration. Visit the clinic beforehand, and ask to meet with a fertility doctor there. With a consultation, you may be able to tell whether your doctor’s treatment philosophy matches with your own ideas, and how comfortable you may feel in the atmosphere.