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Clinical trials are carefully controlled studies that operate under a set purpose. The goal of these clinical trials is to answer a certain question regarding a certain disease, illness, or disorder. Clinical trials often operate in multiple locations across the country, or even the world, at the same time. These clinical trial locations all run under the same purpose with the same conditions and requirements.

Infertility clinical trials have led to the development of numerous advances in the field of infertility. Because of infertility clinical trials, fertility doctors have a greater understanding of certain causes of infertility, as well as ways to treat it through fertility treatments and advanced assisted reproduction techniques.

Currently, there are eight infertility clinical trials in Texas that are recruiting participants, none of which are located in Austin.

Information on Clinical Trials

If you are interested in information on any of the infertility clinics trials located throughout the state of Texas, or across the country, visit This site gives information on clinical trial purpose, sponsors, patient eligibility, and trial locations.

Before you join an infertility clinical trial, it is important you discuss your thoughts first with your doctor. It is important to understand that clinical trials are still experimental, so there are certain risks that may be involved.