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Baltimore Clinical Trials

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Clinical trials are carefully regulated and controlled studies that test a certain variable and seek to provide answers to a specific question. These clinical trials study certain diseases, illnesses, or conditions and look for new ways in their diagnosis and treatment.

Clinical trials can operate simultaneously in different locations across the country, or even across the world, though each clinical trial location must run under the same strict conditions for the same amount of time.

Maryland infertility clinical trials resulted in great advancements in the field of infertility, leading to new fertility tests, fertility treatments, and fertility drugs
. These new infertility advancements have helped countless couples realize their dream of having a child.

In Maryland, there are eight infertility clinical trials that are actively recruiting participants, one of which is occurring in Baltimore.

Who Is Conducting Clinical Trials in Baltimore?

Tadalafil in Preventing Erectile Dysfunction in Patients With Prostate Cancer Treated With Radiation Therapy

    Sponsor: Radiation Therapy Oncology Group
    Locations: Greenebaum Cancer Center at University of Maryland Medical Center, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, and St. Agnes Hospital Cancer Center
    Estimated Dates: November 2009-April 2013
    Status: Currently recruiting participants
    For more information, follow this link

L-Arginine Supplements in Treating Women Who Are Cancer SurvivorsSponsor: Center for Human Reproduction

    Sponsor: Wake Forest University
    Locations: CCOP - Mount Sinai Medical Center
    Estimated Dates: May 2007-May 2010
    Status: Currently recruiting participants
    For more information, follow this link

Information on Baltimore Clinical Trials

Further information on infertility clinical trials in Baltimore and throughout the state of Maryland, including the purpose, eligibility criteria, and outcome, of the trials, can be found at