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Boston Clinical Trials

Clinical trials on fertility-related issues are conducted in conjunction with research hospitals and fertility clinics in the Boston area.

Clinical trials are carefully regulated, supervised studies that examine a particular health issue with the goal of improving the health or treatment for those affected by it. Each clinical trial has a specific purpose, time frame, and criteria for participants. Often occurring in multiple locations, these clinical trials evaluate their participants throughout multiple stages of the trial. As a result of these trials, treatment and medication for fertility issues has advanced, leading to an increase in successful pregnancies and live births. However, like in any clinical trial, there are risks that can occur since the research is being conducted in a previously untested field.

Information on Clinical Trials

Information on clinical trials can be found at Information for each clinical trial includes location, purpose, participant criteria, number of participants, outcome measures, and length of trial.

Before joining a clinical trial, it is important to talk with your fertility doctor and research all of the information about clinical expectations for that trial.

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I would like to become pregnant but so expensive is there any clinical trial where i can volunteer

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