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Buying Fertility Drugs

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A growing number of independent pharmacies specialize only in fertility medications. In general, the prescription is delivered to the pharmacy directly from the clinic. Some specialty pharmacies sell a large portion of their medications online.

Specialty pharmacy staff is extremely knowledgeable about fertility clinics and their protocols. And 24/7 customer service is the norm. Many specialty fertility pharmacies have nursing staff available to answer patients’ questions about medications. They often have patient education materials such as instruction on how to store and use fertility medications.

Medications are shipped in packaging that protects them from the elements, and injectable medications are often shipped with needles, syringes, alcohol wipes and a needle disposal container at no charge. Overnight deliveries are customary.

All of the specialty fertility pharmacies carry all of the medications your doctor will prescribe. However, there might be significant price differences between these pharmacies; a quick phone call should provide answers.

For a CHECKLIST of questions to ask a pharmacy, follow this link.