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Celebrities, NASDAQ Calling Much-Needed Attention to Infertility

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August 14, 2013

There seems to be a direct correlation between the number of celebrities talking about their infertility struggles and the greater acceptance of IVF and fertility treatment. For years, couples have kept their visits to the fertility doctor under wraps due to the taboo of being labeled ‘infertile’. With the timing of Jimmy Fallon’s announcement that daughter, Winnie Rose, was born via surrogate after nearly five years of infertility treatment, miscarriage, and heartache, fertility treatment discussions have become all the rage!

This trend toward infertility awareness and discussion brings fantastic news to the fertility space. In fact, fertility-focused organizations, like Baby Quest Foundation (which provides monetary grants to couples who otherwise might not be able to afford the steep costs of IVF, egg donation, or gestational surrogacy), are being called into the spotlight. The Los Angeles based charity’s founder, Pamela Hirsch, and spokeswoman, America Oliva, were asked to ring the Opening Bell at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square this morning. "It was such an honor to ring the opening bell at NASDAQ today and bring attention to the cause of infertility. For Baby Quest Foundation to receive such an accolade and attract such an array of celebrity supporters was beyond my wildest dreams," says Hirsch of the opportunity. Celebrity endorsers and other figures in fertility arena, including Fertility Authority CEO Gina Bartasi, were also present.

"Baby Quest's mission - to grant financial help to those who are struggling with the high costs of infertility procedures - was indeed the focus today when the charity rang the opening bell at Nasdaq. We hope the exposure will encourage donations large or small so we can continue to award grants and help recipients build a family," Hirsch states.

We, at Fertility Authority, couldn’t be more excited to have such positive attention brought to such an important issue. After all, infertility affects one in six couples, many of whom continue to have misconceptions and fear about seeking fertility treatment.


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