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Celebrities Who Have Used Surrogacy to Build Their Families

Surrogacy is a fertility treatment in which a woman, called a surrogate, carries a child for an individual or couple who cannot conceive or carry a pregnancy to term. The most common form of surrogacy is gestational surrogacy, where the surrogate is implanted with an embryo.

Los Angeles fertility clinics have been at the forefront of fertility treatments, and there are many that offer surrogacy to their patients. It’s no surprise that there are a number of celebrities in Los Angles who have used surrogacy to expand their families.

Celebrities and Surrogacy in Los Angeles

While many celebrities have kept mum about their fertility treatment processes, several Los Angeles celebrities have spoken out about their use of surrogacy.

Reality star and E! News host Giuliana Rancic and her husband had their son Edward Duke through gestational surrogacy August 2012. Their first child was born following several failed IVF treatments and Rancic’s breast cancer diagnosis that resulted in a double mastectomy.

Singer Elton John, who has a home in the Los Angeles area, also used surrogacy to build his family. On Christmas Day in 2010, he and his partner became parents to son Zachary, who was born to a surrogate in California.

In October of 2010, Neil Patrick Harris, the star of How I Met Your Mother, and his partner, David Burtka, welcomed twins Harper and Gideon, who were born through surrogacy. Harris provided sperm for one of the fraternal twins, while the other was born from that of his partner’s.

Turning to surrogacy has not only been a recent development for Los Angeles celebrities. Back in 2007, actor Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly, became parents of twins Thomas and Zoe through a surrogate. The babies were conceived using the sperm from Quaid and the eggs from his wife.

Actor Kelsey Grammer and then-wife Camille also used surrogacy to help build their family. Their daughter, Mason, was born in 2001 by a surrogate from California, and their son, Jude, followed from the same surrogate in 2004. Camille is reported to have turned to surrogacy because of potential pregnancy complications that could have resulted from her form of irritable bowel syndrome.

Many celebrities have chosen to explore surrogacy as a way to build their families, and turned to top-ranked Los Angeles fertility doctors and fertility clinics to help them achieve their goal.

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