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Central New Jersey Attorneys Offer Legal Assistance Building Families

Assisted reproductive technology continues to develop and as it does new legal questions arise. This is especially true for third party procedures like egg donors, sperm donors, embryo donors and surrogacy. Because of these trends, specialty fields in law called Family Building and Reproductive Technology law have emerged. Adoption law has also become a legal specialty. These lawyers offer critical legal guidance in creating legal contracts to protect the responsibilities and rights of all the people participating in adoption and third party fertility treatment.

Central New Jersey Law Practices

It is highly recommended that before having infertility treatment, especially third party procedures, you should meet with an attorney. These lawyers help with issues ranging from problematic insurance claims to disposition of embryos, and pre-and-post conception plans.

The following attorneys and firms offer services in Central New Jersey specializing in the indicated areas of Family Building and Adoption Law:

  • Rehrer & Rehrer (Adoption)
  • Deborah A. Rose (Adoption)
  • Rumbold and Seidelman (Reproductive law and Adoption)
  • Adam B. Sklar (Adoption)
  • Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists (Surrogacy, adoption, sperm and ovum donation)


Most legal experts agree that surrogacy is the most legally complicated type of assisted reproductive technology because a third party is needed. Legal representation is highly recommended when using a surrogate. Lawyers craft legal agreements stating all rights; the surrogacy agreement, and a contract saying the surrogate will not seek custody of the child. It should also outline who makes decisions during and after the pregnancy

There are many legal questions to consider with surrogacy. Who pays the surrogate's medical costs? What happens if participants change their mind? What role will the surrogate play after birth? These topics should be considered and agreed upon by all parties. Surrogacy legal contracts articulate additional issues like insemination, and multiple pregnancies, and costs for the surrogate if she is unable to work or has additional medical bills.


Experts recommend that whether an adoption is domestic or international, legal representation is vital. New Jersey is open to adoptions for gay and lesbian prospective parents. International adoptions are complex because children are governed by the laws of the country from which they are adopted. In all adoptions there should be complete documentation of the rights of the biological parent, the child, and the adoptive parents, and what the role of the biological parent will be, if any, after the baby’s birth.