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Charlotte Lawyers Offer Legal Assistance in Building Families

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While assisted reproduction has given many couples the opportunity to have the families they always wanted, it has also brought with it many new legal questions. Assisted reproduction has become legally complex, especially when taking into account procedures that utilize the services of third parties, like sperm donors, egg donors, and surrogates.

A new field of law has developed to deal with these questions that have arisen. Lawyers are now specializing in Family Building Law or Reproductive Technology Law in order to protect the rights of those involved in these assisted reproductive procedures.

Charlotte Infertility Law Practices

Lawyers specializing in reproductive law can assist you with the practical and financial issues involved in the assisted reproduction process, including insurance coverage issues, decisions about embryo disposition, and planning both pre-conception and post-birth. If you choose a third-party assisted reproduction option, your reproductive law attorney may also draw up a contact that clarifies the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

The following lawyers in Charlotte work with intended parents:

  • Connie J. Vetter
  • W. David Thurman


Surrogacy is widely considered to be the most legally complex of the third-party assisted reproduction options. Questions regarding custody in surrogacy can arise if surrogacy agreements are not in place, especially if a traditional surrogacy is used. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate gives birth to a child with her own eggs, so the child will be related to her biologically.

While there are no laws that specifically deal with surrogacy in North Carolina, interpretation of other laws such as adoption laws seems to lend reason to believe surrogacy agreements are allowable, as long as excessive money does not change hands. According to North Carolina adoption law, money in excess of medical bills and living expenses are not allowed in adoption of a child or relinquishment of parental rights.

Your reproductive technology attorney in Charlotte will draft a surrogacy agreement, which will clarify the rights and responsibilities of the intended parents as well as the surrogate. This agreement will also clarify that the surrogate does not intend to seek custody of the child.


Adoption attorneys are important for couples who are considering domestic or legal adoption. Your adoption attorney will help explain how the state laws regarding adoption pertain to your situation, and will also craft a post-adoption agreement. This post-adoption agreement will clarify custody of the resulting child.