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Chicago Lawyers Offer Legal Assistance for those Building Families

There are specialty areas of legal practice called Family Building Law and Adoption and Reproductive Technology law. Attorneys offer critical counsel in drawing up legal agreements that protect all parties’ rights related to third party family building - including egg donation, embryo donation, and surrogacy - and adoption.

The Chicago lawyers below represent these specialty areas. The attorneys at Ballard, Desai, Bush-Joseph and Horwich have had personal experience with infertility.

  • Ballard, Desai & Miller, Chicago, IL
  • Law Offices of Betty Musburger, Chicago, IL
  • Law Offices of Julie M. Tavoso, LLC, Hinsdale, IL
  • Spence and Elster P.C., Chicago and Lincolnshire, IL

Infertility technology is constantly evolving and legal experts argue that the law and ethics questions have not always kept pace. Collaborative reproduction – surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation, and embryo donation - is a particularly complex legal area. A Chicago attorney also can assist you with issues like pursuing insurance companies on claim denials, disposition of embryos, and pre- and post-conception legal planning. Be sure you have the proper legal representation regardless of the way you choose to build your family.


Legal representation is strongly recommended for anyone using a donor or a surrogate (surrogacy is considered the most legally complicated type of infertility treatment). Legal documents must be in place to outline the donor’s rights, the surrogacy arrangement, and to decide how decisions will be made throughout the pregnancy. For example, who pays medical expenses for a surrogate? What role will the donor or surrogate play in the child’s life after birth, if any? What if a donor or surrogate changes their minds?


Legal representation is also critical for people who adopt domestically and internationally. International adoptions are especially complicated because the child is subject to the laws of the country they are adopted from.