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Chinese New Year: The Year of the Rabbit Could Be Your Year to Get Pregnant

Chinese New Year has always been associated with fertility, and the start of the Year of the Rabbit (February 3, 2011 - January 22, 2012) only emphasizes the traditional connection. According to the Beijing Review, rabbits have traditionally been viewed as the “God of Fertility” in China because of their high rates of reproduction. Ever heard of the saying “reproduce like rabbits?” Rabbits have earned their stellar fertility-symbol rating because one pair can produce 18 baby bunnies during one breeding season!

Government officials in Asian countries with low birth rates have even been using the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit to encourage more couples to start trying to conceive. Tapei City in Taiwan organized its New Year’s festival around the theme, decorating with mini rabbits that bear the characters for “good pregnancy,” which is a homonym for “good luck” in Mandarin. Singapore’s Prime Minister also states in his New Year message that he hopes couples will start to add to their families in the Year of the Rabbit.

So how can you celebrate the Chinese New Year while making the most of the of the traditional fertility connections? According to Chinese tradition, eating certain foods around the beginning of Chinese New Year can bring fertility. These foods include duck, eggs, grapes, pomegranates, jujubes (a type of date) and rice. You may also want to give your house a good cleaning to “sweep out the bad luck” and welcome in the good luck of the New Year. Boost your luck even further by wearing red, the traditional color of luck and wealth.

And if you do happen to give birth during the Year of the Rabbit? Your child will be sweet, sensitive, clever, resilient, calm, intelligent and stylish.

The official Chinese New Year date was Feb. 3, but it's not too late to celebrate. Why not order some traditional Chinese food and stay in for a relaxing evening at home with your partner. At the very least, it may be the a fertility treatment stress reliever. Rabbits not required.