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Choosing the Best Embryo for Transfer with the Eeva Test

The ultimate goal with IVF is to find the single best embryo to transfer. Currently most IVF centers use morphology, a visual scoring of the embryo on the day of transfer. Morphology looks at the number of cells within the embryos, the degree of fragmentation and symmetry.

“It doesn’t give us any information about how that embryo was growing and dividing from the moment it was created,” says Dr. Eve Feinberg, a fertility doctor with Fertility Centers of Illinois
The EevaTM Test, however, provides additional information. The first and only FDA cleared test for choosing the best embryo or embryos for transfer, the Eeva Test uses non-invasive time lapse imaging to look at embryos in their early stages of development.

“The interesting things about the Eeva System is, it allows us to go back from fertilization through embryo development and look at the morphokinetics: the way the embryo is dividing and the time that it takes to go from being two cells to three cells, three cells to four cells – and through a lot of data research we found that those changes from two to three cell and three to four cells are really critical in helping to determine which are the best embryos,” Feinberg explains.

The Eeva Test is available at fertility clinics in the US, Canada and Europe.


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