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Choosing a Fertility Clinic in Central New Jersey

There are two fertility clinics in the central area of New Jersey. There are an additional 20 fertility clinics in other areas of New Jersey, some affiliated with hospital-based programs. The programs in Central New Jersey are independent clinics.

Central New Jersey Fertility Clinic Options has an extensive database of all fertility throughout the central New Jersey area. Simply type in your zip code in the“Find a Clinic” search at the top of every page on the website. And if you make an appointment, tell the doctor we sent you.

What to Look for When Choosing an Infertility Clinic

Many people use clinic success rates as a resource when choosing a fertility clinic. Every three years the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publishes the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report. It includes a list of fertility clinics across the country and highlights their success rates and infertility treatment procedures. When reading this information focus on the success rates for women your age using your specific treatment procedure, such as donor egg or IVF.

If you need additional information contact a doctor at the clinic you are considering and arrange an appointment. Ask for physicians who specialize in the type of infertility treatment you need.

Clinic Staff

Your success in family building improves with the right team of infertility specialists associated with your fertility clinic. The staff includes doctors, nurses, embryologists, laboratory and ultrasound technicians and counselors.

Consider visiting the clinics you are interested in working with. Bring your partner and meet with the doctor. Ask about the treatment philosophy of the staff at the clinic. Observe the environment at the clinic and how staff relates to each other and to the patients. Consult your network of friends and family to find out their infertility clinic experiences and use all of this information when selecting your clinic.