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Choosing a Fertility Clinic in Dallas

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There are 10 fertility clinics in the Dallas area. Most of these programs are freestanding clinics; the Presbyterian Hospital Plano Arts program and The Women’s Place are hospital-based programs. There are approximately 29 fertility physicians in the Dallas area. These doctors are on staff at hospitals and fertility clinics.

Dallas Infertility Clinic Options

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What to look for when Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Many people select an infertility program based on information regarding their success rates. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), collects and publishes data from infertility clinics around the country in The Assisted Reproductive Technology Report. It gathers information on the success rates for specific infertility treatment procedures from clinics across the United States. This data can be overwhelming. Read it carefully. Look at the number of cycles performed and how many women have your diagnosis. Review the number of live births, not pregnancies, for women your age, using your specific treatment procedure such as donor egg.

Clinic Staff

Successful infertility treatment is determined by a team of healthcare professionals. This team includes doctors, nurses, and embryologists, staff that draws blood and does ultrasounds, and interprets the results of the numerous tests that patients undergo during the course of their infertility treatment.

Visit the clinic you are considering. Bring your medical records so your doctor has baseline information on your previous treatment. Talk to your doctor about your medical history, your treatment options, and the clinic’s treatment philosophy. Be aware of how staff relates to each other and other patients.


Everyone who undergoes infertility treatment has to be closely monitored and must make frequent visits to their infertility clinic. Consider choosing a clinic that is geographically close or has a satellite program that is easier for you to get to. Use your network of trusted friends, doctors, and family to learn about the best clinics in your area.