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Choosing a Fertility Clinic in Iowa

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There are many factors involved in choosing a fertility clinic, including fertility clinic success rates, types of services offered, and location. There are two Iowa fertility clinics: in Clive and Iowa City.

Iowa Fertility Clinic Options

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What to Look for When Choosing a Fertility Clinic

There is a lot involved in choosing a fertility clinic. When you first begin to sort through your options, you may feel overwhelmed. In order to make the best choice for your unique situation, you can compare success rates and schedule personal visits with each fertility clinic you are considering.

One important tool that can help you is the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report. The CDC compiles this report each year, and includes data from every fertility clinic in the United States. The data in the report includes success rates, types of patients accepted, and procedures performed, as well as a breakdown by age for certain types of IVF.

Clinic Practitioners

The ART Report is a good place to start, and it provides a wealth of helpful information. However, it cannot tell the entire story of a fertility clinic. You can supplement the information gained from the ART Report with personal visits to each fertility clinic you are considering.

Once you decide on a fertility clinic, you will be treated by a whole team of professionals there. Along with your fertility doctor, this team also includes nurses, counselors, embryologists, financial advisors, and lab staff.

Visiting fertility clinics is important because it allows you to see firsthand how each clinic interacts with their patients. It is also important to determine whether the fertility clinic facilitates an open and comfortable environment.

Visiting the fertility clinic is also a good time to meet with a fertility doctor. Try to arrange a meeting with a fertility doctor on staff beforehand, and prepare a list of questions to ask at the meeting.