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Choosing a Memphis Infertility Clinic

There is one fertility clinic in Memphis, and there are seven additional fertility clinics across Tennessee.

Find the Best Fertility Clinic

How do you find the best fertility clinic for your needs? Start by doing some research in this Memphis Fertility Guide. And, FertilityAuthority Patient Care Coordinators can help you find the right Memphis fertility clinic for you. Either fill out the online form or contact one of our Patient Care Coordinators at 855-955-2229. They are former fertility patients, and trained to help you find the right fertility doctor for your needs at no cost to you.

Things you may want to consider when choosing a Memphis fertility clinic:

  • Memphis Fertility Clinic Success Rates. All fertility clinics are required to report their IVF success rates to the CDC annually, and member clinics report their success rates to SART (The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology) as well. If you are going to compare IVF success rates, make sure you’re looking at success rates for women your age, and the conditions the fertility clinic treats.
  • Fertility Doctor and Staff. Schedule a consultation with a fertility doctor before making a final decision. How did the staff treat you? Did you have a good rapport with the doctor? Were you pleased with the recommendations for next steps?
  • Fertility Clinic Size and Location. Convenience and location may be very important to you. Or you may prefer traveling a distance to a larger fertility clinic that does a lot of IVF cycles a year, or a smaller boutique practice. There is no right or wrong choice; it’s what you feels best to you.
  • Fertility Treatment Costs. Fertility treatment costs can vary from city to city and clinic to clinic. In addition not all fertility clinics charge take the same insurance, and offer the same fertility treatment financing options. Cost is a often big factor in choosing a fertility clinic, so do your homework. An excellent resource is www.howmuchdoes FertilityAuthority also has an extensive section on fertility treatment costs.

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Hi im a 35 yrs old whit a paraplegic T8 since 2000, i jist wondering to know ivf costs i dont have any insurance, i have to know if their got a plans financing, thank you

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