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Choosing a Nashville Infertility Clinic

There are two Nashville fertility clinics, and six additional fertility clinics across Tennessee.

Find the Best Fertility Clinic

How do you find the best fertility clinic for your needs? You can start by doing some research in this Nashville Fertility Guide. And, FertilityAuthority Patient Care Coordinators can help you find the right Nashville fertility clinic for your specific needs. Fill out the online form or contact one of our Patient Care Coordinators at 855-955-2229, former fertility patients trained to help you find the right fertility doctor for your needs at no cost to you.

Take the following into consideration when searching for the best fertility clinic:

  • Nashville IVF Success Rates. If you are going to compare IVF success rates, make sure you’re looking live birth rates for women your age, and the conditions the fertility clinic treats. All fertility clinics are required to report their IVF success rates to the CDC, and member clinics report their success rates to SART (The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology) as well.
  • Fertility Doctor and Clinic Staff. We recommend you schedule a consultation with one or more fertility doctors and consider the following: how the staff treated you, your rapport with the doctor and recommendations for next steps.
  • Fertility Clinic Size and Location. Think about your preferences when it comes to fertility clinic location and size. Is convenience most important to you? Would you prefer a larger clinic that sees a large number of patients each day, or a smaller practice with a more personal approach? There is no right or wrong choice; it’s personal preference.
  • Fertility Treatment Costs. Fertility treatment costs can vary from clinic to clinic. Not all insurance plans provide infertility coverage, nor do all fertility clinics take insurance. Some clinics offer fertility treatment financing options or IVF cycle guarantees. Do you homework; one helpful resource is www.howmuchdoes

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