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Costs of Egg Donation in California

Written in Partnership with Dr. Ernest Zeringue, California IVF Fertility Center

Egg donation in California can cost up to $30,000. Fortunately, patients who are looking for savings have found success with the shared donor program at California IVF in Davis, CA. The costs for egg shared egg donation at California IVF are $16,000 to $20,000, similar to the cost of IVF and medications for a woman in her late 30s and older.

We spoke to Dr. Ernest Zeringue, founder of California IVF, to learn more about the Shared Egg Donation Program at his fertility clinic.

Q:What is shared egg donation?
Dr. Zeringue: Shared donor egg cycles are fresh cycles in which the eggs are divided among two recipients. The eggs are fertilized with each couple’s sperm and the resulting embryos remain separate. The clinic coordinates all donor procedures including matching, keeping identities anonymous and confidential.

Q: How do you determine how many eggs each recipient gets?
A: The eggs are divided evenly and randomly. If there are an odd number of eggs it is usually given to the couple that selected the donor first and paid the egg donor’s insurance.

Q: Are certain donors designated for shared egg donation cycles?
A: Donors need to be able to produce a good number of eggs to participate in a shared cycle. Donors with previous cycles or donors with high AMH levels are good candidates for the shared program.

Q: Is there a wait for shared egg donation at your California IVF?
A: Typically the first couple matches with a donor from the donor pool. They then let their coordinator know that they desires to share the donor. As new recipients show interest, they are informed of which donors are available for the shared program. If the second couple agrees the donor is a good match for them, they will notify the coordinator to start the shared cycle. Donors previously designated for the shared program typically match fast, so the waiting time is not much different than a non-shared match.

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