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Crowdsourcing Fertility Support has gone mobile

Crowdsourcing Fertility Support Has Gone Mobile with the Recent Launch of the FertileThoughts App by announces the launch of their FertileThoughts Forum App - a free resource for those looking for fertility and infertility peer support.

New York, New York (PRWEB) November 27, 2013 announces the launch of their FertileThoughts Forum App in an effort to bring better usability to the forum experience for its members. Whether you’re just starting to try to conceive, going through fertility treatment or am dealing with pregnancy concerns, having a community to confide in, lean on and receive feedback from can be invaluable. is a 16 year old peer-to-peer infertility, adoption, surrogacy, pregnancy and parenting forum grown 100% organically. It’s the world’s largest social networking site focused on fertility and infertility with more than 76,000 members, more than 360,000 threads and more than 4.7 million posts – all now accessible through the app.

“At any given time there are more than 2,000 users logged into the site or app browsing, adding to the forums, sharing experiences, asking information and lending their support,” says CEO, Gina Bartasi. “The newly branded app makes finding fertility answers even easier while on-the-go. Having a virtual support group can quickly become a central piece to staying sane, being informed while talking with a fertility doctor and crowdsourcing answers – not always by doctors, but by other patients who may have a similar condition or situation, be of a similar age and have advice to share. It’s helpful to know you’re not alone, to learn what worked for others, to hear the success stories, but also be inspired by the perseverance of those that have been at it for awhile,” she continues.

Available for free on both the Apple App Store (iOS) and the Android App Market, the app is being well received with users from over 39 countries. Push notifications let users know when they have a reply, and allow them to anonymously engage with others either publicly via a thread post or privately through a direct message.

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