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Dallas, Texas Clinic Trials

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There are currently three clinical trials that focus on fertility related issues in the Dallas, TX area. Two of them are at local hospitals and the third at a research program.

Clinical trials are carefully monitored, structured, controlled, and regulated research studies with the purpose of improving the health of the population being studied. They are done simultaneously in many locations. Clinical trials continuously evaluate the participants through various stages of the trial. There are risks associated with clinical trials but the information obtained helps advance knowledge about the causes of infertility. The goal is to increase the number of pregnancies and live births.

Who is conducting clinical trials in Dallas?

These three clinical trials look at a broad range of fertility related health issues.

  • National Cancer Institute at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The study is looking at using a medication called goserelin, with chemotherapy, to reduce ovarian failure in women with breast cancer.
  • Hologic Inc at Medical City Dallas Hospital. Hologic is researching use of a medication called ā€œ17Pā€ to help reduce the rate of preterm birth in women who have had a previous episode of preterm birth.
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals at Practice Research Organization (Not yet recruiting) - The final study examines the use of a medication to reduce pain in women who are experiencing endometriosis.
  • Information on Clinical Trials

    Additional information on clinical trials can be located at You will find information about each clinical trial including location, stated purpose, time frame, criteria for candidate admissions, number of participants, and outcome measures.

    Talk to your physician before participating in any clinical trial. Have a clear understanding of the participant expectations, risks, and the specific purpose of the clinical trial you want to participate in.