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Department of Defense To Implement Fertility Preservation Program

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The Department of Defense is implementing a two-year pilot program that will provide fertility preservation for active-duty members of the Armed Services. The program will cover the costs of freezing sperm or eggs. Fertility preservation for military personnel may be important to women and men who must delay family building due to related commitments or deployment, or who have service related injuries that impact their fertility.

“ASRM applauds the Department of Defense for recognizing the importance of addressing family building options for those who serve and sacrifice for our country. With long deployments, service members are at times forced to delay or put on hold their personal family building goals. Sadly, injuries sustained during service to our country can result in injury and impairment to their reproductive potential. For these reasons, fertility preservation options are especially important for members of the Armed Forces,” said ASRM President Owen K. Davis, MD.

Following the completion of the pilot program, the Department of Defense will assess its impact and determine whether to renew the program or allow service members to pay out of pocket for continued storage of their frozen eggs or sperm.

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