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The Eeva Test Helps Select the Best Embryos to Transfer with IVF

The EevaTM Test, the first and only test cleared by the FDA to aid in embryo selection, is used by leading IVF clinics to assess the developmental potential of embryos and select the best embryos for transfer.

The Eeva Test does not genetically screen embryos with a biopsy. It is a non-invasive process using time-lapse imaging during undisturbed incubation and sophisticated computer software to identify critical and subtle differences in cell division timings.

During IVF, embryos develop in an incubator. With Eeva, a microscope equipped with a camera is placed inside the incubator to capture time-lapse images of embryos from Day 1 through Day 3 of development. Then, the Eeva Test analyzes the developmental potential for the embryos and categorizes them into “High” and “Low”.

Together with their own clinical observations, your IVF Team uses the Eeva Test results to select the best embryos to transfer.

Clinical studies have shown that the Eeva Test results increase the ability of embryologists to accurately predict embryo developmental potential by 53% when using the Eeva Test along with traditional methods.


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