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Egg Donation in Orange County

According to the 2010 ART Report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were a total of 368 donor egg IVF cycles in Orange County in that year; 229 cycles used fresh donor eggs and 139 cycles used frozen donor eggs.

Known and Anonymous Egg Donors

A known egg donor may be a friend or family member - a woman who the intended parents know personally. Alternatively, an anonymous egg donor donates her eggs without having her name or identity known to the recipients. Anonymous egg donation is usually facilitated through an egg donor agency or a fertility clinic.

Egg Donor Clinics and Agencies

Traditionally, egg donation was done in a “fresh cycle” meaning the donor and recipient’s cycles were coordinated. Recently, frozen egg banks have enabled intended parents to choose from a pool of donors who have frozen and banked their eggs.

Intended parents can choose an egg donor with characteristics they desire, such as race, ethnicity, or education.

Many women choose an egg donor agency to help them through the process. Egg donor agencies match intended parents with an egg donor and can act as a mediator between the donor, the recipient, and the fertility clinic.

There is no formal licensing for egg donor agencies, or legal standards to oversee them, so it is very important to carefully research each egg donor agencies you are considering working with. Ask questions, including how the agency has been operating, what the donor screening entails and if they have limits on the number of times a woman can donate eggs.

Some patients prefer to work with a fertility clinic that has an egg donation program rather than an egg donor agency because the clinic offers donors as well as comprehensive care - treatment, procedures, and monitoring under one roof.

Before you make your decision on an egg donor agency or choose a fertility clinic, make sure you research your intended choice carefully to determine whether it is a good fit personally.

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