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Egg Donation in Women 50 and Older

The Ethics Committee of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has updated its opinion on egg donation and embryo donation to women over the age of 50. While pregnancy with egg donation extends the ability for a woman of advanced age with a normal uterus to get pregnant, regardless of ovarian function, is it ethical? According to the document, “Physicians should obtain a complete medical evaluation before deciding to attempt transfer of embryos to any woman over the age of 50. Embryo transfer should be strongly discouraged or denied to any woman over age 50 with underlying issues that could increase or further obstetrical risks, and discouraged in women over age 55.”

The committee opinion raises other points about egg donation and embryo donation for women between the ages of 50 and 54, including :

  • Women should be counseled about increased medical risks of conception and pregnancy at an advanced age.
  • Single embryo transfer should be strongly considered due to risks associated with multiple pregnancy.
  • Prospective parents should be counseled to consider parenting issues specific to their age and the age and health of their partner.

According to the Committee, “The central ethical issue is whether the interests of women and children are served by the use of this technology.”


Comments (6)

Hi im 49 nearly 50 and have 7 children between the ages of nearly 21 to too old to donate any eggs to people that need children ?

Egg donors are typically in their twenties to early thirties, so it is unlikely you'd be able to donate your eggs. The only way to know for sure though would be to meet with a fertility doctor and undergo some tests. To find a fertility doctor near you, please use the clinic search feature above.

I am 50 yrs, and menopausal. I am wanting a child with my new husband, as he does not have any kids, ( i have a 24 yr old). I have some one that is willing to be a surrogate for us to carry the baby. What i would like to know is, can my eggs be used due to my age and hormonal phase?

As a menopausal woman who is 50, you would need to use donor eggs. I wish you all the best, Claire

hi I am 54 and I want to be pregnant is it possible by egg donor? or iam too old?

Hi Pam,

A fertility doctor would have to evaluate your hormone levels and the condition of your uterus to determine if you are able to carry a pregnancy.


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