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Egg Freezing Heating up in California

Egg Freezing in California

What’s hot in California right now? Well, egg freezing of course.

More and more women are choosing to take control of their fertility health and they’re doing it with egg freezing, as Dr. Andy Huang , a California fertility doctor with Reproductive Partners Medical Group explains.

Dr. Huang has walked numerous young professional women through the egg freezing process from sorting out the reasons behind their fertility preservation choice to the thawing and actual transfer of an embryo. Education, career, and life experiences are among the top reasons women in their mid 20s to early 30s are embracing this empowering fertility trend that now has the science to keep it going.

“It’s been very door opening for a lot of women,” Dr. Huang says “Egg freezing has changed dramatically, I think, over the last few years in the sense that with vitrification we're able to very successfully preserve fertility, whether that's eggs or embryos.”

This innovative technology, rapidly freezes the cells (literally within the blink of an eyelid), thereby avoiding intracellular ice from forming and preventing cell damage. Vitrification involves rapid freezing of embryos and eggs in a tiny amount (less than 0.1 microliters) of a special vitrification solution, before storing them in liquid nitrogen.

“And it's been great because historically,” explains Dr. Huang. “If you ask me, ‘Andy, if we freeze 10 eggs how many will I have when I thaw them?’ Well, the old way of doing things we might be lucky if we had a one, two, or three survive out of thawing 10. Now, with vitrification, our success rates are, in terms of survival, over 90 percent. So it's been very liberating and opened up the door for a lot of women.”

He is often asked how many eggs should be frozen and when. His recommendation is the younger you are; between your mid 20s to early 30s the better, not only will you be able to retrieve more eggs, but they will also be of higher quality.

“Usually I say when you're younger and if we can get 10 to 15 eggs in the freezer, that gives you a pretty good chance of a live birth later on when you're ready,” says Dr. Huang. “However, you have to understand that it's not a guarantee, necessarily, for successfully conceiving.”

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