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Egg Freezing in Phoenix, AZ

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Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, is a viable fertility preservation option for women who are not yet ready to build their family. Women diagnosed with a fertility-compromising medical condition, like cancer, or those who wish to delay family building, but want to optimize their chances for successful family building attempts in the future may undergo egg freezing for fertility preservation.

Egg Freezing in Arizona

Egg freezing for fertility preservation is best suited for women looking to delay child bearing for medical or social reasons. The following are some criteria for egg freezing candidates:

  • Women under 40 years of age. Ovarian reserve declines with age, so although some fertility doctors will allow patients over 40 to freeze their eggs, the best future outcomes are seen in those who froze their eggs at a younger age.
  • Women with a medical diagnosis whose treatment is known to damage the patient’s ovarian reserve- egg quality and quantity.
  • Women who have been diagnosed with medical conditions that may compromise the health of their ovaries, like endometriosis or ovarian tumors.

The process of egg freezing is much like an in vitro fertilization cycle. It involves ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval. The eggs are then cryopreserved and stored rather than fertilized and transferred back into the uterus.

Where to Freeze Your Eggs in Arizona

Several Phoenix area fertility clinics offer egg freezing procedures to their patients. Contact our Patient Care Coordination team for information on Phoenix fertility clinics that specialize in egg freezing by calling 1-855-955-BABY (2229).

Alternatively, frozen eggs can be stored at a frozen egg bank. It is likely you will be required to work with an affiliate fertility clinic for the egg retrieval and cryopreservation procedures. You should thoroughly research your options or contact Fertility Authority to choose an egg freezing facility that is right for you.

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