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Egg Freezing in Pittsburgh, PA

Egg freezing allows women with a medical condition like cancer to pursue treatment without risking their ability to have children in the future. Similarly, egg freezing for social reasons allows women to freeze their eggs before the effects of age on fertility have compromised their ovarian reserve.

Egg Freezing in Pittsburgh

Egg freezing for fertility preservation is a viable option for delaying childbearing while minimizing risk to their ability to conceive. The following are some criteria for egg freezing candidates:

  • Women under 40 years of age. Ovarian reserve declines with age, which means women who freeze their eggs before the age of 40 have a greater chance of successful conception and healthy pregnancy when the time is right.
  • Women diagnosed with a medical condition like cancer who risk compromising their fertility with chemotherapy. Some medical treatments are known to diminish egg quality and quantity.
  • Women diagnosed with conditions like endometriosis or other medical conditions that impact the health of their ovaries.

Egg freezing requires the use of fertility drugs for ovarian stimulation. The fertility doctor will closely monitor follicle growth, and retrieve eggs once they are mature. The eggs are cryopreserved and stored until the woman desires pregnancy.

Where to Freeze Your Eggs in Pittsburgh

Fertility clinics in the Pittsburgh area offer egg freezing procedures to their patients. Contact our Patient Care Coordination team for more information on Pittsburgh fertility clinics that specialize in egg freezing by calling 1-855-955-BABY (2229).

You might also consider working with a frozen egg bank for storing your cryopreserved eggs. These egg banks work with affiliate fertility clinics to carry out the egg freezing procedure, but frozen egg banks may not be held to the same legal requirements as fertility clinics. Be sure to research all of your options and contact Fertility Authority to choose an egg freezing facility that is right for you.

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